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For Mom, The Best Life Lessons You Taught Me!

Published May 9, 2015 by Maryanne

vintage-mothers-day-01Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Mom,

It means the world to me that you follow my blog! So I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you, and my fellow bloggers and readers, the top three things you taught me in life. These lessons are incredibly wise and made me who I am today. And to think, you were a very young mother when you led by example, which is incredibly impressive. I highly doubt I could have done what you did!

You’ve told me before that you’re not a “huggy/kissy” mom, but this Mother’s Day weekend is to honor you — and you’ll just have to accept this “huggy/kissy” tribute to YOU!

Lesson #1

You told me this when I was a little girl. “If someone has something you want, don’t be jealous of them, be happy for them.” That is the greatest thing any mom can embed in the brain of a child. Because it worked! In a stressful world, I can say it’s a big relief that “jealousy” isn’t one of my problems. I’m always happy for people who have nice things, whether they achieved them through hard work or were simply blessed. Being happy for others is good karma that always comes back to me. Life can be hard sometimes, but I feel very fortunate with all I have. Plus, it’s just not cool to begrudge.

Thank you for setting a very important ground rule for me early on; it gets me through the tough times.

Lesson #2

“Wait until your 30s or 40s to get married and you’ll have a marriage that lasts forever.” You told me this when I was a teenager crying over some stupid guy. Ever since then I never wasted much time on someone who wasn’t worth it. Though it seemed to others (even Grandma) that I was being “too picky” I’m glad I waited so long for the right one to come along. Dennis is more than a dream, he’s my heart and soulmate. And he loves having you as a mother-in-law!

Lesson #3

ANIMALS! Thanks for being the kind of mom that always had animals in the house! From what I can remember, the kind, loving German Shepherd, Misty, was the first dog I knew. She was a very patient dog with me. I’ll never forget her big brown marble eyes. I was so fascinated with those eyes I liked to poke at them. Then you taught me, “Don’t do that to Misty, you’ll blind her.” This is when I learned animals are not toys and you should be gentle with them.

We also had Peanuts, a pretty cat who once had three kittens. At a young age I was able to see the miracle of a mother cat tending to her young. I still remember the one white kitten that I favored and how sad I was when the last person came and took her away. A very good lesson for a child — that you can’t always get what you want. But hey, I know both of us would keep all the animals in the world if we could, right?!

Being brought up with animals taught me that animals are a lot more than just “pets.” They are FAMILY. I’ve experienced this first hand with my Billy Cat and Derick. It blows peoples’ minds when I tell them that Billy lived to 19. And now, at 19 Derick is still going strong, bless his little heart and soul!

Other than Dennis, you are definitely my “go to” person when I want to talk about a cute animal show or movie. Or share something funny that Derick did, that many others just won’t “get.”

Animal lovers have that special bond that no one else does!

I LOVE you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

Much love,


P.S. (Don’t roll your eyes over all this MUSH, I’m still your little pain-in-the-ass! SMOOCH!) xox

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