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Keep Rockin’ With Paleo Lifestyle

Published April 27, 2015 by Maryanne

Maryanne rock n' rollIn my 40s

SAM_6547December, 2014, age 51

I blogged many times about embracing the paleo lifestyle. I started last summer when I was starting to feel sluggish and attributed it to pre-menopause. I was also getting dizzy spells in the morning. After speaking to two holistic doctors, I figured I’d give paleo a go — after being vegetarian 28 years! My prayers went out to the animals and I consumed some grass-fed beef. Within days I felt better. No more dizzy spells, less night sweats, and what is really cool — no hair in the shower drain after washing. And this is the age most women start to have thinning hair. (As a side note, no gray hair either, but I think that’s because I put raw apple cider vinegar on my salads all my adult life. It’s not genetics, my mother was gray early on).

Paleo is so easy to follow. Just eat REAL FOOD.

I offer a “Paleo for Beginners” lecture for libraries and here’s an interview I recently did for the Observer to promote one of my lectures:

Note, I’m not even 100 percent paleo anymore, as I do love to eat some bread from time to time. But mind you, eating bread is not a habit, it’s a treat. By eating 75 or 80 percent paleo, you can still benefit.

The thing is, if you’re doing it to lose weight, you may not. You’ll lose inches! Do not go by the scale, you’ll get frustrated. Go by how your clothes fit you. A paleo “126” is not the same as a Standard American Diet “126.” Muscle weighs more than fat. The scale is a good tool, but it’s not the end all. Use your tape measure and watch how your clothes fit. Over the summer I tested on one of those very advanced scales and it read that I had the metabolic rate of someone who is 28-years-old! But I still prefer to go by how my clothes fit.

I recently had a laundry accident where I ruined most of my winter clothes. When New Jersey had a few cold days, I went through a bunch of very old clothes I was going to donate and found a pair of size 5 pants. I hadn’t seen size 5 in ages,  but these fit again!

And in the above photos, you can see I’m wearing the same pair of velvet pants from Tripp clothing that I wore in my 40s and now can still wear in my 50s. (I actually got those pants when I was in my late 30s!)

I shared this news in a paleo community and another paleo chick said she was in her 40s and fit into pants she had in high school!

When I first started paleo, I found two photos online of a middle-aged woman. In both pictures she weighed 155. The first photo she was your average middle-aged women. The second photo she was still 155 pounds after being paleo for a year — but now she had a perfectly flat stomach, her arms were chiseled to perfection and not one ounce of fat on her! It was mind-blowing how her body shifted for the better!

And if you don’t “cheat” on paleo for several months, you may even notice your facial muscles getting tighter, therefore making you look even younger. And why wouldn’t you? You’re putting nothing but the best foods in your body.

The coolest thing, after I got the much needed vitamins from meat, I don’t eat meat as much as I did when I first became paleo. I’ll now have meat once or twice a month. Same with chicken. I occasionally consume healthy items that are not paleo like beans or quinoa. But for the most part, it’s paleo with pastured eggs and wild caught fish for protein. And lots and lots of vegetables! Slab on that Kerry Gold butter — it does your body good!