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Over 50 Modeling, Photo Unretouched

Published May 20, 2022 by Maryanne
Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta, 2021, age 57

One year ago today, from a photo shoot with David Esposito.

I was 57. Photo unretouched. David Esposito doesn’t touch up photos. He likes them to be real.

Always be proud of your age, and all you’ve done in your life.

When you filter your fine lines, you filter your character. ❤

I also don’t do Botox or any other face alterations. If you do it, fine, good for you. But I don’t like the idea of it. That’s just me. I think every woman can look amazing with face yoga and facial massage. But that’s just me. Do what you like as long as you are happy.

There are days when I look old and tired too. But I realize I just need more rest or to make a change in my life. Your real face is a barometer for how happy you are. You may not need a facelift, just a change. 🙂

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Bloganuary Challenge – Day 27 – Where Do You Go When You Need Solitude?

Published January 27, 2022 by Maryanne

I’m so blessed to live alone with my husband and our cats in a decent-sized house. We have no children, so it’s always peaceful here. If my husband plays the stereo too loud, I kindly ask, “Can you please turn it down?” If I need to concentrate on work, I’m in my office and I tell him not to disturb me. Otherwise, we are either quiet or loud together, whichever way we’re feeling.

Upstairs, in addition to other rooms, I have a private room I call my “Zen Den.” This is where I keep my recent diaries, my incense, my crystals, many books, and all my CDs. I also have a spiritual altar there. Each morning I go in the Zen Den to have some moments to myself, to write in my diary and speak to The Universe.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta can be reached at:

She is the author of the following books:

“Be (Extra)Ordinary: 10 Ways to Become Your Own Hero” is available on Amazon. To get your paperback or Kindle version, visit:Be (Extra)Ordinary

“I Don’t Want to Be Like You” is available on Amazon. To get your paperback, Kindle or audio copy, go here: I Don’t Want To Be Like You

Her fiction book “Love Cats” second printing is now available, under the pen name Krystianna Mercury, from Pink Flamingo. You can purchase it here:

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Best of 2018!

Published December 29, 2018 by Maryanne

DSCF29105-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Looking back a year ago, I was sad to see 2017 go, because it was a great one, mainly because no one close to me passed. However, 2018 was a year of visiting loved ones in the hospital; therefore not the best. But me being the eternal optimist, I’ve once again compiled a “Best Of” because so many super cool things happened. Mainly with my husband, Dennis, as we’re always seeking out music of old and new; great friends; and always something cool is going on in my career. Let’s take a peek back at the highlights, shall we?

January 2018

My popular library program, The Learn & Listen series, kicked off the year right as I had the opportunity to work with Charlie Fusari. We gave the presentation, “The Life and Music of Michael Jackson” at the Elmwood Park Library, Elmwood Park, NJ. I spoke about the career of Michael Jackson, followed by a stellar performance from Charlie, which even included moon walking!

February 2018

The Learn & Listen series continued on it’s full force when I gave the presentation, “The Life and Music of Freddie Mercury” featuring Rob Fusari at Kinnelon Public Library, Kinnelon, New Jersey. This was a dream come true, to not only share my feelings about my favorite band’s front person Freddie Mercury, but to work with three-time Grammy Award winning producer, Rob Fusari. A great time was had by all!

June 2018

June was unbelievable! I was thrilled to be a guest on the Health & Wellness Show! You can view the show here on You Tube:

And Sunday, June 9, 2018, I was incredibly honored to speak on anti-bullying at Montville High School, Montville, New Jersey. I was invited by teacher Anthony Sia who started the Coalition for the Human Condition ( with Alus (

I was up first, then followed by a powerful performance from Alus, and later, the incredible Montville School of Rock (

Supported by my husband Dennis and some friends, I was happy to speak for the first time in front of a high school. Prior to that engagement, I’ve done mostly libraries and senior citizen groups. I didn’t have much time to get into how I was bullied as a child and teen (though I am writing a book about it!) but I did get to speak about teen spirit. And that the one most important thing we need in this world today is love.

August 2018

My birthday month! Yes, birthday MONTH! Celebrations for my 55th happened all month long, being spoiled by good friends, family, and my amazing husband!

September 2018

September I was ecstatic that my fourth book was published by Higher Ground! It’s also available on Amazon and is climbing the charts! My book “I Don’t Want to Be Like You” is my memoir about being bullied as a child. You can get it here, from Higher Ground:

And, once again, I was invited to read my poetry at the West End Arts Festival, in Long Branch, New Jersey.

September was also the month, that my husband and I took in another cat. A beautiful feral we named Bennie. He’s just the sweetest thing! He loves, loves, loves to cuddle! The vet told us he has feline auto-immune disorder, but we promise to give him the greatest life for as long as he lives!


October 2018

There was so much movement in October! It all began with a road trip to Columbus, Ohio, with my friend Jayne for “Summit of Greatness.” Exploring the town, and spending full days being inspired by great motivational speakers was a life-changing experience. In fact, I ended up joining Toastmasters as soon as I got back home, so I could also hone in on my speaking skills and become greatness myself!

I also launched my anti-bullying channel Be YOUnique on You Tube:

December 2018

The year ended in a bang, career-wise, as I got invited as a guest, once again, to the Health & Wellness Show. Here’s another great time:

And in addition to all of this, so many beautiful times spent alone with each other and with our great friends. These things, my husband and I choose to keep private.

ALSO, a major book publishing company gave me an advance to write my fifth book! It will be published early 2019–STAY TUNED! AND, I continue to help people edit their books, blogs, and websites; as well as ghost writing, memoir writing, and book editing. Clients include: Brute Force!


The Best Acts We Saw in 2018 

In no particular order: Jackknife Stillettos; Tommy James; Sheila E.; No Future; “Ladies of The 1980s” with Rob Fusari, and Taylor Dayne; and Cher in Oxen Hill, Maryland. (As of writing this we also have tickets for Felix Cavaliere and Gene Cornish’s Rascals, with Carmine Appice on drums!)

Also, John Cusack  Live -“Q&A: Say Anything” was amazing!

Ric Ocasek, in person at his art show, Short Hills Mall, New Jersey.

Favorite Movies of 2018

“Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Mr. Rogers: Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

Rest in Peace

In 2018 we’ve lost so many in the media, but the one that most hit home was author and spiritual guru, Shatki Gawain. The date of her death was November 11, 2018 –11/11/11 (2+0+1+8=11).  Eleven is the most intuitive of all numbers, a master number associated with faith and psychics. I always kept her books at my bedside, my favorite of all “Creative Visualization” which I first read in the 1980s. I had the book so many times, and gave away so many copies. Yet another copy always finds its way back to me. 

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Peaceful Blessings

Published June 7, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7596Peaceful Saturday Evening

Peace is always so close to my heart.

I am so fortunate for having the best husband and kitty, and Grandma in heaven. My trinity of solid rock. Confidence never lacks when you have true love behind you, allowing you to shine as bright as you can. And the three who definitely make me laugh the hardest, the best medicine aside from music. A husband, a cat and a Grandma — the perfect remedy for anything.

Though true friends are few, there’s those I know I can count on with a phone call when I need someone. Grandma always said one good friend is all you need. But let’s not forget the beauty of acquaintances, some who are always there for you in their own special ways. Some have touched my lives in ways they will never know.

Finally, to be able to have a career where I’m in charge and can work with people I respect and who respect me. Every day is a magnificent adventure, living life to the fullest in beauty, good health, creativity, humor, intelligence and love.

People tell me what great things I am doing for other people. To me, it’s just a natural way to live. When people want and need you, God puts you there for them. We’re all in this together, as a team. Just know to go where the love is.

Life is a beautiful blessing.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! (Aug. 14, 1918 to Jan. 27, 1995)

Published August 14, 2013 by Maryanne

grandma 1918Grandma

GrandmaGrandma’s wedding picture

This is what I wrote on Face Book in Grandma’s honor this morning:

Happy Birthday to the coolest Grandma ever! Rest in Peace, my beautiful Grandma (Aug. 14, 1918 to Jan. 27, 1995) the person who taught me to be fun, positive and to live each day to the fullest; the person who had the best quote, “Take a chance, Columbus did” and when she was mad at you, “Don’t be so sour-castic!” To the Grandma I could wake up in the middle of the night and tell her I met Johnny Rotten and she’d be happy for me. To the Grandma who made the best linguine and clam dish. To the Grandma who loved and forgave unconditionally. To the Grandma who loved and accepted every one of my friends — and kids would rather talk to her at my parties than be with other kids, that’s how great she was! To my Grandma who loved Elvis, flirted with Elvis impersonators and was buried wearing her Elvis watch. To my Grandma who everyone talked to, even strangers, because she was so beloved. There will never be another Grandma like you! I miss you more than you’ll ever know!

I received so many wonderful comments, even sharing memories with my two cousins Laura and Michelle, which was awesome. My good friend Todd put this touching Elvis song on his music page for her:

Loving Arms

And this is my own special Elvis dedication to her. I listened and had a good cry in her memory.

I’ll Remember You

And Grandma, the angel, gave us the most lovely day in New Jersey today.

Thank You Very Much!

Published November 21, 2012 by Maryanne

Me, with my 18-year-old, Billy, he’s one of my greatest blessings!

So much to be Thankful for, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.

But Thanksgiving is a special day, featuring the word “THANKS” so all of our positive vibrations are working together, chanting, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!


I am thankful for so many things in my life — the big things — the little things — the medium things. So I will begin this magical list and let the all the goodness in my heart just flow out to share with all of you!

My Magical List of Thanksgiving Blessings!

I am ever so thankful for my husband, Dennis, the coolest, smartest, funniest guy in the world and my best friend for life. Thanks to his true love, I am constantly growing to be the best person I can be. Each day is a magical adventure. I LOVE US! I adore you, Dennis! Thank you for making me your wife! I will never let you down! xoxo

I am very thankful for my blessed fur babies, Billy (18) and Derick (16). My teenage boys. They are such a special part of my life. They give me so much joy each and every day. We have all been through so much together. My little hearts!

I am thankful for my immediate family, Mom, Kim and Matthew, other family members I am close to,  all my in-laws and their significant others, their families, their children and their pets. All who are alive and well and in my life, as well as those who have passed on and always remain in my heart. I love each and every one of you, in a very special way that is meant just for YOU!

I am thankful for my late, beloved Grandma, who always showed me unconditional love. Did we fight? Hell, yeah! We got downright mean and dirty sometimes. But both of us, in true LEO fashion, we were quick to forgive and forget. I love you, Grandma! Please come visit me in a dream, real soon!

I am thankful for my best girlfriends, Gina and Darlene and my best guy friends, Ed and Todd. All of you are the FAB FOUR!  I don’t know what I’d do without any of you. Please know how special you are to me and how loved you really are!

And for every other friend (past, present, future, alive and deceased) who comes and goes in my life when things are meant to be. You are all like little rubies making up one big diamond. Thank you for touching my life!

I am thankful for my business, Pear Tree Enterprises (, and for all the wonderful clients I have that give me the opportunity to prosper doing all the things I love best and making the most of my talents. For this I am happy every day, whether it’s a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday. For this, waking up each morning is a blessing!

I am thankful for my health. And the opportunities to have some control over my health. I am thankful for raw foods. I am thankful for vegetarian food. And I am thankful to everyone who has made an effort to serve me vegetarian food, and to those I’ve inspired to eat a few vegetarian meals! I am thankful for exercise: yoga, kick boxing, Pilates, light weights, low impact aerobics, swimming, bike riding, walking, power walking, dancing, etc. All the wonderful ways to move my body and keep it healthy as possible!

I am thankful for my creativity.

I am thankful for my open-mindedness.

I am thankful for my good heart.

I am thankful for my dynamic personality.

I am thankful for middle-age! There is truly a wisdom and peace that comes with age that younger people don’t have. I love it and embrace it constantly!

I am thankful for all the beautiful animals I see every day: dogs on the street, birds, deer, rabbits, squirrels … all these babies will never know how much they make me smile. And for little Fawn, my Mom’s beloved Chihuahua who died earlier this year. She was the best and made our family very happy! Bless her little heart and soul. We were so lucky to have her in our lives for 15 years.

I am thankful for BLOGGING! I started this blog as a positive way to document my life. And ended up meeting so many talented writers — I am just blown away! I read as many blogs as I can each day. It’s my only internet livelihood. And not only are all of you talented writers, some of you have become internet friends that I care about because you care about me! Some say it’s just a computer, but there are human beings typing behind these computers, pouring their hearts out each day, sharing their lives, pictures, thoughts, ideas and creativity. God Bless all of you! You all make me very happy!

I am thankful for MUSIC! I love music so much, I married a musician! I love having music playing in the house as much as possible. All kinds of music: punk, new wave, country, rock, hard rock, classic rock, 1970s AM gold hits, alternative, easy listening … there is not much that I don’t like. I am thankful for radio stations, CDs, vinyl, Sirius radio, all the musicians I love that are still alive to perform, all the ones I saw before they passed on, and all the ones I DIDN’T get to see! Thank you to every song that has moved me! Thank you to all the bands in my record collection.

I am thankful that this is all just the tip of the iceberg and I can go on and on forever with all the things I am thankful for.

But I will stop here, just short of 1000 words, and wish all of you and the special people and animals in your life: