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Just Like the White Winged Dove

Published November 14, 2012 by Maryanne


Like many cats, my Derick is a talker, and what a vocabulary this little guy has!

He has a different “mew” for all his kitty needs, including some unique ones when he really wants to get our attention. My all-time favorite is: “Muh-RAOW!”

Years ago, when I was still dating my husband and first moved in with him (and brought the cats too, of course) I was fascinated by the coo of the morning doves outside our home. And so was Derick.

Within a few weeks Derick started mimicking the coo.  And then he started making up his own tunes. “Ooo, ooo.”

One day I heard Stevie Nicks singing “Edge of Seventeen” on the radio and realized the “ooo, baby, ooo” sounded just like my Derick mimicking the morning dove. So that became one of Derick’s songs.

Edge of Seventeen

Shortly after making this discovery, I made another one. While playing with Derick, I noticed that if I squeezed his lower backside, he would make the dove sound. “Ooo.”

Damn! I was so proud, my genius cat  could “ooo”‘ not only on cue, but in key!

So then I got this brilliant idea, that perhaps I could do a duet with my cat. If I could get Derick to “ooo” on cue maybe we can go on a show like Pet Star and “sing” together and maybe score a few thousand bucks! I could finally get my cats that kitty condo, thanks to Derick’s fine talent  and my kitties would be officially earning their keep!

I started to practice singing with him. And our practice sessions went something like this …

Me: “Just like the white winged dove. Sings a song, sounds like it’s Derick.”

[Press Derick’s backside]

Derick: “ooo”

Me: “Baby”

[Press Derick’s backside]

Derick: “ooo”

Me: “Said”

[Press Derick’s backside]





No matter how many times we practiced, Derick would never do the third “ooo!”

Did Derick not want to go on Pet Star and be famous?

Did Derick not want to earn the kitty condo so he and his adopted brother Billy could play?

Did Derick not want to up his game and earn his keep?

As we all know, the moral of this story is, the alpha cat rules the household. And we are merely put on this planet to serve as our cat’s bitch.