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An Excellent Week!

Published October 25, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2706Happy me today!

This week was simply amazing on so many levels.

Monday, started off with a big bang. Monday is the day I usually book all my musicians, then once that’s out of the way, I spend the rest of the week writing. Well this Monday, I got my musicians more bookings than I have in a very long time.  It was bizarre how it just snowballed.

And lately, my thing is public speaking, which I love. I booked myself several public speaking engagements on Monday too, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the very near future.

Today I had my second health lecture at Mt. Arlington Senior Living. The first time I spoke to the seniors a month ago it was on basic health facts: positives of not smoking, positives of getting a good night’s sleep, etc. They enjoyed that and invited me back, so today’s topic was “The Benefits of Walking.” They really liked that too so now I’ll be coming back in November.

When I came back from the lecture, I surprised two of my former clients who I’m very fond of and that was just awesome.

And out of the blue, an old client came back with a special short project, that was fun and different.

I’m loving the October weather so much and look forward to an amazing weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to see one of my friends for support. He’s a hypnotherapist and will be at a Vitamin Shoppe. Sad that a funeral follows, but my cousins said they’ll be excited to see me.

Last night watched “House of Wax” starring Vincent Price with my husband. October is just great, because the driving is so pretty when you’re out and about, but also great staying in snuggling weather too! It’s always a win-win.

Also, a great shout out to Marie, who I met here on WordPress:

I had a very nice moment with Marie because we follow each other on Pinterest and she just happened to see that someone hacked my page and put up some “get thin quick” scams — which I totally don’t believe in!

I was happy she took the time to reach out to me to let me know — but truly touched that she knew I wasn’t the kind of person to promote a scam.

In this day and age so many people want excuses to be mad at others. They’ll be condescending and mean to each other to make themselves look good (or so they think!). I once had a bad experience when someone hacked my Yahoo account and was asking all of my contacts for money — and someone was stupid enough to think that it really was ME asking for money! But that just goes to show how negative people are. That person was just looking for an excuse not to talk to me anymore so psyched herself into believing something false and sadly, I never heard from her since! (Her loss — totally!)

So, that said, when someone does something special for you — it really makes you grateful and super happy because people aren’t always so nice. Therefore I don’t ever take good people for granted. Thank you, Marie for being the icing on my cake this week! You’re an inspiration 🙂

Stay tuned, some really fun things will be happening — especially this upcoming Monday night!