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For Home-Based Business Owners, This IS the Calm Before the Storm!

Published October 29, 2012 by Maryanne


Since September, 2008, I’ve been running my home based business, Pear Tree Enterprises (

And the past few months have been absolutely awesome as far as business goes. Plus, I got to squeeze in quite a few amazing three day weekends, plenty of fun and even a business trip; as well as being on the road a lot regarding promotions/marketing events as well as reporting for Paterson Press.

So my life has been the most wonderful balance of business and pleasure, although a bit on the frantic side because I’ve been bombarded with work — old clients coming out of the woodwork, new ones offering me a ton of hours, all the traveling on the road and an assortment of one-time deal side projects.

Over the past few months I finished projects, I was able to take life at a little bit — but not much — slower pace.

Then enter Storm Sandy and while I’m caught up on the writing end of things, I can’t do any¬† promotional work because of the obvious — businesses are closed today.

Once things get back to “normal” — whenever that may be, but I’m assuming Wednesday or Thursday — it will be the toughest call for me as to which clients to satisfy first and which ones to put on hold until it all pulls together again.

I am so blessed that I enjoy all my work, as eclectic as it may seem (jack of all trades, master of some) and all the people I do business with. Of course the writing projects pay the most, but they can be done anytime like weekends or evenings. This means whoever gives me writing/editing/proofreading jobs will always have their needs met.

As for promotions/marketing and personal assistance, it’s a different story, as this type of work has to be done during “business hours.” I don’t like disappointing clients and I don’t like clients to feel like they are on a “back-burner.” So while I’m enjoying the down time so much, my head is also spinning in regard to “how will I make everyone happy this week?”

Though I am blessed to have very understanding clients who probably wouldn’t say anything even if they did feel slighted, it’s me I’m worried about — the perfectionist who has to get it all done. And how do I do all that when Mother Nature slashed my time almost in half this week? I know there is a lesson in this and I look forward to some major growth for me in the next few days while I figure it all out. As a wise man once said, “The work will always be there.”

Is there anyone else reading who runs their own home-based business? How are you handling the storm? Do you fear the work overload when things return to normal?