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Happy Birthday Dick!

Published May 4, 2012 by Maryanne

Dick Dale, Me, and my husband Dennis, Surf Club, circa 2007 or 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the surf guitar legend, Dick Dale! Today he is 75-years-old and still touring!

One of the traditions in our household is to see Dick Dale when he comes to New Jersey every year, which is usually at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club down the shore. For a few years, we missed him because Dick had some struggles with cancer and wasn’t touring. But now he is all well and touring all over the USA!

Dick is a legend. For those old enough, you may remember him in the 1960s surf movies. And for you youngsters, you may best know him for his music being featured in “Pulp Fiction.”

Even in his 70s, Dick is still a hit with the ladies. The first time I saw Dick, I was absolutely shocked at all the young girls in the front row, SCREAMING for him! It was just so damn cute. Some even wore buttons that read, “I love Dick!”

I am always one of the girls in the front (but not young and not screaming). The first time I saw him perform, Dick pat me on the head and gave me his guitar pick.

My husband said, “Pat on the head by a legend!”

Dick is very accessible to his fans. Anyone can meet him, get his autograph and chat with him. Who knows — maybe even hang out with him. (I once overheard him giving out his phone number to a fan. And another time, the day after he performed, I found his card on the boardwalk with his phone number on it).

Well, finding out Dick is returning to the Surf Club this summer just made my day even happier! The Surf Club is a fabulous place to see a show. The back of the club is gutted out, so you can go on the beach and dance and drink, while you are listening to great music. And after a few drinks, you may even feel like you are in one of Dick Dale’s beach movies!