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I Deserve My T-Shirt. Do You?

Published May 15, 2022 by Maryanne
Summer, 2019 at Randy Now’s Man Cave

The above photo is from a super fun memory almost three summers ago at Randy Now’s Man Cave in Bordentown, NJ.

My husband and I went to see a Sex Pistols tribute band called “No Future.” They totally kicked ass, but that’s not what this post is about. The post is about me wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt.

Why would I wear a Sex Pistols t-shirt? Because I love the band. And that’s how it should be. There is no false advertising on my body. I listen the band. I have both albums, “Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols” and “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle.” I also have albums from their spin off bands, like Public Image Ltd., The Professionals, Neurotic Outsiders, and even the super crappy “Sid Sings.”

I’ve met all of the Sex Pistols except for Sid Vicious and Glen Matlock. And I KNOW that Glen Matlock is the REAL bassist who played on the album. I saw The Professionals many times. I saw Public Image Limited.

I fully support The Sex Pistols.

See where I’m going with this? I am a Sex Pistols fan, and I deserve to wear a Sex Pistols t-shirt. Or any other band t-shirt because if someone stops me in the street to talk about the music, I will be able to contribute to the conversation.

A few days ago I ran into a stranger at Whole Foods who was wearing a Ramones t-shirt.

I excitedly blurted out, “I like the Ramones too!” Again, I have their albums, met all of them, and saw them perform more times than I remember. I may not be as fanatical as some Ramones fans, but I can definitely carry on a conversation wjtb a another Ramones fan.

However, this girl just shook her head and said, “I never heard their music. I collect rock t-shirts.”

WTF?!?!!? Can someone tell me, I’m not the only person who sees what is wrong with this picture?!?!? Why on earth would you wear a t-shirt of a band you are completely unfamiliar with? Do lyrics not mean anything to you? Do you not know what you are representing? And you are totally fucking with true fans. You, my dear, are a joke.

And stupid me, because this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. People have been wearing band t-shirts, just to be cool or fashionable for as long as I remember. I told myself over and over again, “Do not talk to people with band t-shirts on. Ever.” Because there is no truth in it.

Way back in the 1980s, there was a dance club called Aldo’s Hideaway. I saw a girl with a Bauhaus t-shirt on. Bauhaus is another favorite band of mine. Again, several albums from Bauhaus, including the spin-off bands and solo efforts of the musicians/artists. Also seen Bauhaus, and Peter Murphy (many times) as well as Daniel Ash. I’ve also had the luxury in my career to interview Peter Murphy.

And stupid me, I uttered those three dumb words, “I like Bauhaus.”

“Wha?” she asked in a stupor. Not sure if it was a drunken stupor, but it was a stupor–a response lacking enthusiasm.

I repeated myself, “I like Bauhaus.”

No response.

“The band on your shirt!”

Her response, “I just like the shirt.”

Oh. …

It absolutely makes no sense. And if you like the shirt, why not explore the music?

I called Ramones Girl out on her bullshit. In a nice, friendly way, of course. “You Tube them, they’re great.” Smile.

I mean, I love those adorable colored dancing bears that represent The Grateful Dead, but it will be a cold day in hell before I wear a dancing bear t-shirt. I have no right to. I never saw The Grateful Dead. I do not have any Grateful Dead albums. And I can count the amount of Dead songs I actually know on one hand.

I would never disrespect a Grateful Dead fan by wearing a colored dancing bear shirt even though I LIKE the shirt and the bears are so freaking cute.

No, it’s not cool.

So, to all you people out there who are into rock t-shirts, I encourage you to explore the band. You are what you wear. If you don’t know the band and if you don’t support the band, you don’t deserve to wear their t-shirts.

Cool photo found on Facebook

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Love Cats Second Printing Cover Reveal!

Published April 24, 2020 by Maryanne

Love Cats 2020

My second book “Love Cats” was originally printed in 2015. Earlier this year it went to “Out of Print” status. Yet you can still read the great reviews on Amazon

Once the book went out of print, I submitted it to several other publishers and it got picked up by Pink Flamingo Media and will be released MAY 2020!

AND, this is the first time I am using a pen name, Krystianna Mercury!

If the 1980s is your thing, and you love music from that era, this is a page-turning piece of chick lit erotica you may want to pick up!

Here is the synopsis:

Janey Peyton is filthy rich and living in NJ during the 1980s. She seems to have it all, including an Italian live-in housekeeper who drives her batty with overbearing dated love advice.

Since Janey’s workaholic, status-driven parents are absent in her life, love-starved Janey desperately seeks a soul mate as she cruises the new age nightclubs.

Enter Beck Stewart. Like Janey’s parents, he’s addicted to the grind—but for all the right reasons. He wants to make a better future for himself, and his potential wife, who he hopes would be Janey.

Because of their electrifying chemistry, the fact that Janey’s a good lay—and she has an impressive book and record collection—Beck falls hard for her and turns a blind eye to the immediate red flags: she’s a snoop and obviously hates his beloved old cat, Morticia.

When Janey discovers Beck can’t resist overtime hours, she mistakes his job loyalty for neglect. For “revenge” she takes on other loves and is careless when it comes to hiding her male and female conquests.

Does this sound like something you will want to read? Put your email below in the comments section and I’ll let you know when the book is published. It will be available on e-books; and in print version! 

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Frank Secich at The Record Collector, Bordentown, New Jersey

Published January 9, 2016 by Maryanne

SAM_9476Frank Secich (photo by Maryanne Mistretta)

Today was a dream come true meeting musician/songwriter/producer/author, Frank Secich. I’ve been a fan of his music since I was a teenager. He played (and wrote songs) on one of my favorite teenage albums, “Disconnected” by Stiv Bators. Frank also played in Club Wow, Blue Ash, The Deadbeat Poets, The Infidels and more.

A few years ago we met on FaceBook and Frank was kind enough to endorse my first book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” (available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/162903908X).

And, I became a fan of his newest band, The Deadbeat Poets.

I also interviewed Frank for this blog: https://maryannemistretta.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/interview-with-frank-secich-musiciansongwriterproducer/

So you can just imagine how super excited to learn that Frank Secich was going to be at The Record Collector in Bordentown promoting his new book “Circumstantial Evidence” (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/circumstantial-evidence-frank-secich/1122604553)

As soon as I walked in the store, I was greeted with a great big, “Maryanne!” by Frank! He’s so cool and down-to-earth. I also met his son, Jake, who was very kind to take our photograph, and other great people. The vibe was awesome as fans and friends listened to Frank share stories about Stiv Bators and a cool story about Michael Monroe (of Hanoi Rocks who recorded Frank’s song “A Million Miles Away” – please do not confuse with The Plimsouls song, both songs are fab, but I do like Frank’s better *wink*). Frank also spoke of the stories behind his songs. These humorous adventures are included in the book “Circumstantial Evidence.”

Frank played, acoustic, “A Million Miles Away,” “It’s Cold Outside,” “Circumstantial Evidence” and some songs by Deadbeat Poets.

As I’m writing this blog, I have the “Circumstantial Evidence” book in my hands, waiting to be read!

SAM_9471Frank Secich and Maryanne Mistretta (Photo by Jake Secich)

Guest Hosting WRAT’s Electric Ballroom with Keith Roth

Published November 10, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_8643With Keith Roth, September 2015

THIS Sunday, November 15, 8 p.m. New Jersey friends and family can listen! I’m co-hosting The Electric Ballroom, WRAT 95.9 FM with Keith Roth!

From Keith Roth: Electric Ballroom ,11-15-15, This Sunday, 8:00 PM Eastern,Co-Host,Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta,She returns to the Ballroom, with the Release of Her Book (Love Cats),will discuss The Book,as well as Her upcoming Books,The 80’s and More,Also Giveaway’s of The New Rolling Stones,From The Vaults ,Tokyo 1990, CD/DVD!!! we came up with a Great Playlist that Includes The Clash,The Monkees,Lou Reed,David Bowie, Lou Christie,Joey Ramone,Tom Jones,The Smiths,NY Dolls,T-Rex,The Sweet,Rolling Stones,Alice Cooper, Ramones,Tommy James,New Dictators NYC,Love & Rockets,Pretenders,Bauhaus,The Cure,The Damned, Rocket From The Tombs,Lords Of The New Church and More!!! Come On Now ,What A Show,What A Show!!!!! NJ/NY WRAT 95.9 FM, wrat.com click on listen live!

“Love Cats” is available on Amazon in paperback or kindle versions: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1681020513

My first book “On the Guest List” is also on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/162903908X

“Don’t Believe a Word” – Interview with Coyote Shivers

Published September 1, 2015 by Maryanne

Coyote Shivers Don't Believe a Word

Fans have waited a long time for something new from Coyote Shivers. Now the wait is over. His new single “Don’t Believe a Word” will be released Sept. 8, 2015 – the first day of Shivers’ nine-month jail sentence.

The single will appear Sept. 8 on https://coyoteshivers.bandcamp.com/track/dont-believe-a-word with the legal disclaimer: “All characters and events portrayed in this song are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If anyone has a guilty conscience and sees similarities to their own actions, well, that speaks for itself.”

It will also be available on iTunes and other online stores, but on the bandcamp link the funds go directly to the Legal Defense Fund working to free Coyote Shivers from jail, and also it allows people to pay “one dollar or more” so if they want to contribute more than the one dollar minimum they can.”

The following is an interview in which Coyote spoke to me about his case.

For people who don’t know what happened, tell us in a nutshell.

COYOTE: “Pauley Perrette’s own words give the best insight. I cut off all contact and filed for divorce from Pauley Perrette in 2004, and began dating another girl, Courtney Washburn. As Courtney testified at the trial, Pauley then broke into my residence in the middle of the night, yelling at Courtney calling her a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore,’ and threatening to ‘Star Crazy’ me if I divorced her. Pauley was confronted on the stand with her handwritten notes for ‘Star Crazy’ and was forced to admit to her own writing, which outlined how a female TV star could use her fame combined with restraining order abuse, to have an innocent man who rejected her, jailed and defamed. Pauley’s handwritten notes included the steps ‘Get Restraining Order’ and ‘Stalk Him.’ So I don’t need to comment on that further. I will let Pauley Perrette’s own words and subsequent actions speak for themselves.”

In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently? For instance, were there any red flags during your relationship with Pauley Perrette or did this incident totally blindside you?

COYOTE: “There were red flags for sure. Our first date was at Kinkos, because she was falsifying some restraining order paperwork and cat food receipts to use in court against her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Rivas, because she had stolen his pet cat. She freely admitted the cat was his before they even met, but somehow convinced me he was an ‘asshole’ and the cat would be better off with her. Clearly I should have known everything about this was wrong, but she is very good at playing on sympathy. Still, I should have known right then and there. When things started getting crazy in court with Pauley, Daniel Rivas sent me an email saying ‘History repeating itself, big time,’ and he was originally going to testify on my behalf, but when Pauley found out she suddenly decided to make up with him and got him a job on NCIS playing her brother. Yes for real. Suddenly, he won’t testify for me, even though I still have the email. And the court case between them is still on file in Los Angeles Superior Court.’

She also has a long history of falsely accusing ex-boyfriends and ex-lovers, and being overtly vindictive after a relationship is over. This is also on public record. She has even publicly falsely accused something like four or five ex-lovers of rape, although she subsequently admitted that was just to protect her own reputation.”

How is this ordeal affecting your career?

COYOTE: “It has consumed a lot of time and energy, for one thing. For another thing, as a condition of bail I was not allowed to speak truthfully about my life, which is part of what art is really about. Also, I will be writing a book in jail, which wouldn’t be happening if I wasn’t in jail, so although it has stifled some of my work, some art does come from it all. There is also of course, my single, DON’T BELIEVE A WORD, which will be released the day I enter jail, and is sort of an anthem dedicated to the falsely accused.”

It’s so obvious you are very much in love with your wife, Mayra. During your jail time how often will you see Mayra? How is she holding up?

 COYOTE: “This is absolutely the most cruel thing anybody can do to me, separate me from my wife. Jail itself is nothing, except boring. But tearing me from my wife is torture. But that is exactly what Pauley threatened she would do if I ever remarried. It’s kind of like a ‘if I can’t have you nobody can’ scenario.”

 How are you staying strong and positive?

COYOTE: “I’m not positive at all really. This is a terrible thing being inflicted on my family. I am just staying strong for my wife, and for our mutual belief that we are righteous and will prevail in the long run, that being, no matter what Pauley Perrette does to us, our hearts remain together, and sooner or later we will be reunited and live happily, and there is NOTHING Pauley can do to stop that.”

What advice would you give to men in similar situations?

COYOTE: “Immediately take it seriously and get attorneys on the case. My situation was so utterly ridiculous, and it was so plain for everyone to see what was going on, that I didn’t take it seriously enough. I also didn’t realize how easy it was to ‘Star Crazy’ somebody, because I didn’t know how easily the laws can be manipulated, but they are ripe for this kind of exploitation, one of the things I’m learning about the law now that it’s too late.”

Tell us about the book you’ll be writing while incarcerated.

COYOTE: “It will be the story of how I found myself in jail, how ‘Star Crazy’ was threatened and executed upon me. But I have a pretty odd sense of humor, so it won’t be some dark ‘woe is me’ tome. If I’m writing it you can count on it being pretty funny. Humor has always been a part of my writing and has always gotten me through life. Also, it will be a lot more positive than you might imagine. It may seem like a thriller. It’s being sold as a real life ‘Gone Girl’ based on celebrity events, but it is actually a love story with a happy ending. You have to remember that I met my beautiful wife six years ago, because she was a journalist writing for the largest newspaper in Brazil, and she was interviewing about my ongoing legal troubles with my ex Pauley Perrette. So the very thing Pauley was trying to prevent, she actually caused. That is the ultimate in poetic justice.”

When you get out of jail is your nightmare over? What is next for you?

COYOTE: That would be up to Pauley Perrette, but she has already made it clear to me as long as I am happy, she will continue in executing thethreats she made when I divorced her. She keeps talking about me, rather obsessively, on Twitter, over a decade since I divorced her, so I think that speaks for itself.”

In conclusion, is there anything you want to say to your fans and Mayra’s fans that supported you?

COYOTE: Yes, THANK YOU. It is just incredible and heartwarming the amount of love and support we have received. Those who made #FreeCoyoteShivers a worldwide trending topic; and especially those that have contributed to the Free Coyote Shivers Legal Defense Fund THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!

mayra-coyote-3Coyote Shivers and Mayra Dias Gomes

For more information Google “Coyote Shivers” and phrases like “star crazy” or “restraining order abuse.” Or visit following links:






Coyote - Free

“Free Coyote” t-shirts can be purchased via: http://www.freecoyoteshivers.com/


Book Reading/Signing Verona Library, Verona, New Jersey

Published August 4, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_8178Beautiful photo by Diane Barros

Thanks so much to Catherine and The Verona Library for having me do a book reading and signing for my first book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” (available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/162903908X

Catherine was so cool she even set up a VIP area for me with spring water and organic grapes!

SAM_8171Catherine (left) and myself

SAM_8176Me and Jacqueline

I finally got to meet Jacqueline, who said she was my “biggest fan.” We met on Face Book over a year ago! Thank you Jacqueline for supporting both “Guest List” and my new book “Love Cats” and bringing along your posse!

My friend Brian Bailey came too! We met each other when I was 16 and standing in line to meet new wave group Blotto, famous for their big hit, “I Wanna Be a Lifeguard.”

Also, my good friends, Gerard & Diane Barros were in attendance! Check out their music, they’re incredible talents: http://www.barrosmusic.com/

SAM_8175Thanks for your support!

Proceeds of sales for “Love Cats” from last night’s event went to various animal organizations in honor of the death of Cecil the Lion.

Copies of “Love Cats” are available in paperback and on Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YBGVJQS/

The Rezillos, Wonder Bar, Asbury Park New Jersey 7-9-15

Published July 10, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7982The Rezillos

Guitarist Jim Brady, Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds on lead vocals


I was so excited to see this band, because I had seen “The Revillos” version back in 1981 at the old Peppermint Lounge in NYC when I was just 18. The two versions of the bands had the same singers, Eugene Reynolds and Fay Fife, and different musicians. The Revillos was a later version of the band and they were incredible (and back then I was right in the front as I was last night!)

The current line-up is:

Fay Fife: Vocals, Theremin
Eugene Reynolds: Vocals
Jim Brady: Lead guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris Agnew: Bass
Angel Paterson: Drums

And so, last night, I was able to see the Rezillos line-up! A punk-new wave band from Scotland who to me sound slightly like the B-52s on steroids. Such tight, outrageous musicians, each and everyone of them.

Their songs are so much fun and upbeat, which I love! We always need more fun in this world. My favorites included: Flying Saucer Attack, No, Top of the Pops, My Baby Does Good Sculptures, River Deep Mountain High, and as an encore, Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight.

I was right in the front dancing my little heart out. I haven’t sweat like that at a show in ages! I almost got hit in the head by Jim Brady’s guitar. And after the show I said to him jokingly, “Thanks for not hitting me.” We laughed about how close it was. And he complimented my dancing.

I also met the incredible Fay Fife! After all these years she’s still beautiful and super cool, as you can see her great outfit! I told her she was an “inspiration!”

I didn’t meet Eugene, but he smiled at me in passing after the show. I didn’t meet the bassist either. It was so casual and not such a big crowd, but so many fans were surrounding them to chat, as this isn’t a band that comes to New Jersey very often.

Fay, Jim Brady and the drummer Angel Paterson autographed their set list for me. All such very nice, genuine people.

It was a great audience! I saw a girl there that I recognized from the Anabella Lwin show a few years back. Another girl came up to me and hugged me because she was so happy. As was I! It was such a wonderful, positive evening! My husband enjoyed them too. He wasn’t familiar with their music and let me go right to the front stage while he hung in the back. But every time I turned to meet his eyes, smile and wave, he had a big smile on his face. He loved the band!

Here is their website: http://www.rezillos.rocks/index.html

SAM_7980Drums: Angel Paterson, Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds, Bass: Chris Agnew

SAM_7987Angel Paterson


SAM_7995The Wonder Bar

And even though I took photos with the band, I’m not sharing them because I sweat so much from dancing and jumping around I look like a drowned rat! Ha-ha-ha! My husband said I still have the energy of a teenager! Well, with the Rezillos, it ain’t hard!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/162903908X

My first fiction book, “Love Cats” will be published in May!

Published April 18, 2015 by Maryanne

Love Cats Cover 5

Hey Gang!

I’m thrilled to share that my first work of fiction, “Love Cats” is now with the publisher and will be available on Amazon (and Kindle!) in May!


Janey Peyton is filthy rich, but also a down-to-earth goth chick. She lives in suburban New Jersey during the 1980s. Janey has it all, including an Italian live-in housekeeper (who sometimes drives her batty with overbearing dated love advice).

Since Janey’s status symbol-driven parents are absent in her life love-starved Janey desperately seeks a soul mate as she cruises the new wave nightclubs.

Enter Beck Stewart, also a workaholic, but for all the right reasons. The working class hero wants to make a better life for himself. Beck falls hard for Janey and turns a blind eye to the immediate red flags: she’s a snoop and obviously hates his beloved old cat, Morticia.

When Janey discovers Beck can’t resist overtime hours, she mistakes his job loyalty for neglect. For “revenge” she takes on other lovers and is careless when it comes to hiding her conquests. What happens when Beck feels enough is enough and the couple who had their ups and downs finally hit an all time low? And what happens when a stray kitten shows up on cat hater Janey’s doorstep?

If you love the’80s, alternative wave, sexy chick lit, and of course CATS, this book is for you!


“Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta draws you in from the very first page. This book will make you find yourself yelling at the characters. I laughed out loud, I cried; my emotions were all over the place. With engaging characters and a unique story-line set in 1980s New Jersey, ‘Love Cats’ is a story that will captivate you and stay in your heart long after you read the last line.” – S.C. Miotto, author “Moonstone Dreams” and “Diamond Love.”

“Maryanne’s zeal for life and passion for creativity shines through in all of her work. Here in her first book of fiction she gives us multidimensional characters mitigating love and growing pains as they manicure their pop culture lifestyle at the tail end of the ’80s. It’s romance — Gen X style! I could not get enough of Janey and Beck.” – Scott Schiaffo

In “Love Cats,” Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta really takes you there, to the fun and electricity of running around, being young in the 1980s, in New Jersey, but enough universal magic so we all can relate: the spontaneity, adorable flirting, daring and exploring, making mistakes and finding your way. Maryanne treats tricky, sensitive and intimate topics with the most refreshing honesty. – Zaphyrella, fashion designer.


“Guest List” Book Signing at Randy Now’s Man Cave in Bordentown

Published October 5, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_6195Stu Deutsch, Maryanne Mistretta and Randy Now

(Posing for photograph for newspaper photographer, Deirdre Ryan!)

Today was absolutely incredible for me.

I was signing copies of my book “On the Guest  List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” alongside of Stu Deutsch, original Plasmatics drummer!

Now, go back to 1980. I had first met Stu Deutsch at a record store in Wayne called Looney Tunes. Stu was signing autographs with The Plasmatics. I was a fan and only 17 and Stu was cool enough to put me on the guest list to see the show that night. Back then they didn’t have “all ages” shows like they do today. Plus the fact that I was bullied in school, having a super cool rock star like Stu put me on the guest list meant the world to me! Who would have ever thought one day we’d be signing autographs together?!

It was so great conversing with fellow Plasmatics fans. I met the coolest people today! I loved seeing all the Plasmatics shirts people wore, and all the old vinyl they brought for Stu to sign. It was also cool that a woman got my book just because she’s collects books that authors sign! And gorgeous NJ weather too!

Thanks so much to Randy Now of Man Cave for having me at this extraordinary event! It was the experience of a lifetime. I’m ecstatic!

If you want to purchase “Guest List” (which has a few Plasmatics stories) please go to Next Century Store: http://www.nextcenturystore.com/non-fiction/other/on-the-guest-list-adventures-of-a-music-journalist.html

SAM_6142Stu Deutsch and Maryanne Mistretta

SAM_6176Signing autographs

SAM_6154With my husband!

“On the Radio: Adventures of a Guest Co-Host”

Published July 21, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_5333Going over the bridge!

A few weeks ago, I was a guest co-host on Keith Roth’s “Electric Ballroom” radio show on 95.9 WRAT, which airs down the Jersey Shore. The show aired last night at 8 p.m. so my husband Dennis and I took a ride down the shore to listen — making it truly authentic. We parked the PT Cruiser in front of the beach and listened to the two hour broadcast! Keith Roth was an awesome host! I had a blast hearing the show. My husband Dennis was so proud!

SAM_5335Catching some salty air before the show aired!

SAM_5341Tuned in!

SAM_5217Me with Keith Roth, on July 9, when we first recorded the show!

Here’s the awesome set list of songs we played!

“I’m Gonna Make You Mine” – Lou Christie

“Trash” – New York Dolls

“Safe European Home” – The Clash

“I’m Bored” – Iggy Pop

“Hey Little Girl” – Dead Boys

“She’s the One” – The Ramones

“1-2-3”- The Professionals

“Jezebel” – Joan Jett

“So Alive” – The Ramones

“Rip Her to Shreds” – Blondie

“Gene Jeanie” – David Bowie

“Evil Boy” – Stiv Bators

“Bohemian Love Pad” – David Johansen

“Steppin’ Stone” – Monkees

“Out of Control” – Wayne County

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” – Tommy James

“Suicide” – D-Generation

“Monkey Suit” – Plasmatics

“Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore” – Angel

“My Fairy King” – Queen

Then Keith ended the show with “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” by Queen — which was a stellar choice!

To purchase your copy of “Guest List” visit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/162903908X