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Caldwell Salt Cave

Published May 21, 2017 by Maryanne

SAM_2484My husband, Dennis, relaxing at Caldwell Salt Cave

It’s been quite some time since I experienced the pleasures of relaxing in a salt cave. So my husband and I decided to check out the Caldwell Salt Cave, Caldwell, New Jersey earlier today.

Salt therapy is like spending some time on the beach, however, the benefits are more. In addition to relaxation, the salt is good for your skin, respiratory system, allergies, sinus congestion and more.

Sitting in a salt cave is a five-star experience. It’s meditative and rejuvenating. After spending time lying down with my feet in the salt, and even holding some salt in my hands, I felt incredible. My facial skin felt especially soft. (Ladies, if you do this, I encourage you to look in the mirror afterwards. You may feel you look five years younger or so!)

The owner Lynn is a DOLL!  She’s very knowledgeable about health and it was awesome chatting with her.

While waiting for the salt room, Lynn offered us herbal tea.

The storefront is beautiful. There’s gorgeous art on the walls, pretty seahorse pillow, lamps and diffusers. There’s many items for sale such as jewelry, soaps, essential oils, and candles.

Plus, there’s an assortment of spiritual books that people can borrow to read.

And even though I’m a Young Living distributor, I love that there’s DoTerra oils here because I am a fan of DoTerra too. I loved the DoTerra hand soap that was in the bathroom.

All in all, I can’t say enough good about this place — my husband and will definitely be back! Thank you Lynn, for your stellar hospitality!

Dream On! Trends in Sleep and Relaxation Supplements

Published November 1, 2016 by Maryanne

dream-onMe, Relaxing, Summer 2015, Bethel, N.Y.

My article “Dream On! Trends in Sleep and Relaxation Supplements” appeared in Vitamin Retailer Magazine. Check it out:

And here is the “Extra Extra” sidebar, “Solutions for Insomnia”

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Relaxing Afternoon in Keyport, New Jersey

Published May 4, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7172Keyport, New Jersey waterfront

Yesterday, my husband and I had very relaxing afternoon in Keyport, New Jersey.

This is one of my favorite places to go because it’s a small boro in Monmouth County that hosts great antique shops and a few good restaurants. It’s so relaxing at the waterfront too. And I must say, the people make it. I never see people texting or on cell phones. Children are well-behaved. And people actually talk to each other. It’s the kind of place where people are comfortable approaching each other to chat or just smile.

We love McDonagh’s Pub:

The service there is fantastic. Everyone was so attentive and great. I had a fabulous dish of sirloin tips, carmelized onions and chips with a side salad. (Eating non-organic salads on the weekend, away from home, isn’t so great — but you can dress it up nicely with lemon juice, malt vinegar and Frank’s Hot Sauce.)

It was great dining outside, taking in the hot sun, people watching and better yet — dog watching! We really saw some cuties yesterday, two beautiful dogs that appeared to be bulldogs at the restaurant. One was white and spotted. And then, by the waterfront, a teeny tiny apple-headed Chihuahua. It was so small it could have fit in the palm of my hand! Her little legs were going so fast to keep up with her master — like she was on a mission!

The song for today is David Sylvian’s “Let the Happiness In”

Going with the Flow

Published October 1, 2012 by Maryanne

Photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Nothing is more refreshing than taking a walk on the beach, off-season.

It’s less crowded. A little cooler so you need a jacket, yet it’s still warm enough to walk around in the sand barefoot and even get your feet wet.

It was a nice weekend all around. After a very hard-working, yet fulfilling week (because I just love all my projects and people I am doing them with) it was well deserved to just turn everything off for many hours and enjoy the pleasures of us, our friends and our own little life.

Last night we went to a local hotel bar to meet my friend Emily who was in town that I hadn’t seen in about eight years. The three of us had some very insightful conversations about life, music and art. I had known Emily for 10 years now, and we both joked around about growing older — the pros and cons of it all. It was actually the first time I really talked to Emily without the distractions of being in a nightclub together. It was just a pleasant, low-key night that we all enjoyed very much.

Today was a beautiful day. My husband and I slept later than usual, got up, watched a bit of a Queen documentary, which we recorded to watch later. Queen, a band I loved my entire life, mainly because I discovered them at age 12 and they helped me get through so much aggravation of being 12 and 13 — crucial years where most kids go through that awkward period of life. Those two years of growing pains were very long, I must say! While time flies for an 18 or 19-year-old, it drags like hell for a 12-year-old kid. So, thank you Queen for easing the pain of those years.

Just a few hours after a healthy breakfast of organic eggs cooked with raw coconut butter, I caved and enjoyed a blueberry bagel with vegetable cream cheese that I really sunk my teeth into, literally, while driving down the shore with my husband, and no radio, just enjoying each others company.

Our first stop was to visit our friend Ron who runs a punk rock video space at a flea market. We always love chatting with him about music and other cool things. Especially how, all three of us, getting up in years, Ron and I in our late 40s and my husband in his early 50s, still agree that our generation had the best music. Just talking about music inspired me to possibly start yet another book, about all my music adventures from my teen years to now.

Next stop was to Artifacts Boutique, a unique clothing store in Belmar. We discovered this store a few years ago, one day by accident and I’ve been buying great pieces there ever since.

Today Artifacts was having a party for a special occasion. I got the email that after 20 years the store was getting two new women helping out and giving it a fresh new look. When we got to boutique, I asked the owner Liz if this meant she was still going to be there. She said “yes” but that she planned on retiring within two years.

It was a sad thing to hear. I’ve taken such a liking to Liz over the years. She spoiled me for shopping in other places. Liz is one of those rare people who can truly help you pick out an outfit or article of clothing. Liz will tell it like it is. She once commented to my husband that for a tiny girl, I sure had a big bust!

Liz has the most wonderful personality for running a boutique. She’s fun and funky and I just love her style. She always has a great story to tell too. She’s just so down-to-earth and great to be around.

When my husband and I first started going to Artifacts, we had just begun dating. Early on, we stopped in Artifacts when they were having a party during a St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was only our second time in the store, but Liz invited us to her home for corn beef and cabbage dinner! We politely declined, but wow, talk about old school hospitality!

We have so many great memories of that store. No disrespect to the new girls, but it will not be the same when Liz is no longer there.

After I picked out a few pieces of costume jewelry to add to my collection, we hit the beach. As I was walking on the beach, I almost started to become sad about Liz no longer being at Artifacts, which got me to thinking how everything goes in cycles in life. People come and go. Places change. Things change. Some stay the same but you out grow them.

But as I grow older, I am learning to go with the groove of it all — like the waves on the beach. You have no control over life, who comes and goes, who comes and goes, but you can enjoy all the beauty of it — like what the beach washes up to us, all these gorgeous little shells that make up our masterpiece of life.

I thought about how each part of this weekend was kind of like a visit to the ocean, seeing some friends I don’t see too often, but are in and out of my life — flowing like the tide. Then there is my husband, who is like the sun over looking the beach, strong and bright and always there. And then all the little shells, like the picture above, representing every little minute … all the little pleasures, every person that touches our lives, one by one that eventually made up the entire picture.

Because right now I’ve learned what the ocean was always trying to teach me … just go with the flow.

At the end of our walk on the beach, I no longer felt sad about Liz leaving the store, but happy about the fact that she was a part of the story of our long romance. If our life was a movie, Liz would have this amazing cameo appearance for having this store I shopped in with my husband, while he was still my boyfriend just a few short years ago that went very quickly!

What is to become of our movie next? Who will come into our life to fulfill it?

There will definitely be something or someone because the ocean always brings in something and takes something with her.