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Happy Puts His Best Foot Forward

Published September 6, 2020 by Maryanne

Welcome to the family, Happy Lightfoot Ferrell, age 6 months.

Right before Covid19 hit, my husband and I noticed a pregnant Tabby cat. She came around often and we fed her. We named her Sweet Sue. There was also a beautiful black male with bright green eyes that hung around with her. We named him Jeremiah.

Sweet Sue had her kittens near our home and only one survived. We named him Happy. We fed the family of three morning and evening throughout the spring and summer. Happy was adorable — and appropriately named. He’d get excited when he saw us, show his belly, and play “hide and seek” with us, peering at us from under a car, then coming out, then hiding.

When Sweet Sue and Jeremiah abandoned Happy, we decided to take him in. At first he was shy and scared, but purred and ate. Now two weeks later, he’s the belle of the ball! He gets along wonderfully with our other two cats, Nicholas Gray and Sammy Keane Clemens.

We’re honored to give this little soul a happy life! He has the run of the house, and his own little “palace” — a room all to himself!

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