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Clothes Shopping During Covid

Published November 30, 2020 by Maryanne
Maryanne Christiano Mistretta

Clothes — it’s a girl’s thing. Perhaps shopping for clothes is too, but it’s never been for me. I’m one of these people who zeros in on something I like, try it on, and if it fits I’ll take it. If not, I move on. I hate disrobing in a dressing room once I’m out and about. It’s just an annoying thing to do. But how else will you know if you like an outfit if you don’t try it on, right? Usually my shopping trips were little side trips when I’d go with my husband somewhere on the weekend. A little indie dress shop here and there. That’s how I built my wardrobe.

A few months into Covid, I realized I haven’t had new clothes in awhile. Shopping on the internet for clothes was annoying because you couldn’t try them on. I sent a few things back, frustrated and defeated.

Then I discovered something beautiful–clothing box subscriptions!

This type of clothes shopping has been around for years, but I wasn’t aware of it. Once a month you get a box of clothes delivered to your doorstep. Try the clothes on and only keep what you love. What you don’t like, send back in a pre-paid bag/box. Simple as that! Prior to receiving your first order, you answer a series of quizzes to let your stylist know your sizes and taste. It’s a win/win. And if you don’t like the stylist you end up with, you can always try a new one!

I figured I’d give it a shot. I started with one, loved it so much I added another, and another! Now I’m getting three boxes of clothes per month–selected by my own personal stylist. Why couldn’t I find out about this sort of service sooner? Well, better late than never, right?

And now that retail stores are open again, many still don’t let you try on clothes. It’s okay though, I’m ecstatic with my boxes and the high end reputable companies they work with. My wardrobe is my happy spot; and I love clothes more than ever now.

Of all the boxes I’ve tried, the stylists were both wins and loses. My suggestion is to keep trying until you get the right stylist. My favorite is Wantables.

I got a great stylist right from the start. The cool thing about Wantables is that they choose several items from your “Wish List” making it a win each time!

Who I Don’t Recommend. If I were you, or me, or anyone else, I would not use Nordstrom Trunk. I scored three great items from them and sent the rest back, yet they got mixed up and said I sent something back which I kept and said I kept something which I sent back. When I corrected them, they took an extra $55 from my bank account and never paid me back. I researched and saw many others having a similar issue. Had this happened down the road, I’d forgive them but on my first box, I am hesitant to give them another chance. Plus, I am out $55 either way. Not cool!

I liked Daily Look for awhile, but their customer service is the pits. They also take a larger styling fee ($40) and are always late getting the boxes to you. I just canceled my subscription with Daily Look.

I also don’t recommend Stitch Fix. I loved them early on, but they got progressively worse with each box.

When you discontinue a box, they will try to win you over with better customer service, but remember, like a bad boyfriend, you left them for a reason.

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An Afternoon in Sommerville

Published November 26, 2012 by Maryanne

One of my favorite places to go with my husband on a Sunday afternoon is New Jersey’s historic town of Somerville. Check out  the official website:

Yesterday was a perfect winter day. Cold, but sunny. The kind of day you could run around all over the place, from store to store and feel the cool wind on your face. Delightful.

Somerville is gorgeous, much more scenic and prettier than shopping in a mall. There is one area where they recently closed off the street and made it all about shopping. No chain stores, just all unique mom and pop places — with great service.

There are quite a few antique shops, shops for rock ‘n’ roll clothing, comic book stores, etc.

My score for the day was an official vintage Christmas dress! I will show photos of me wearing it after Christmas Day, but until then I want it to be a surprise!

The story behind my vintage Christmas dress is that it was brought into an antique shop, along with another dress. Both dresses were hand made and worn by two ladies who are now in their 90s!

The dress, a size 4 or 6,  fit beautifully — maybe a tad too big, which is perfect for Christmas eating. Ha!

I am beyond ecstatic! The shop owner and my husband both said I looked “adorable.”

While my husband would like to see me wearing my Steve Madden black dressy flats with the dress, I think I’ll opt for my new winter boots instead, to punk it up a bit.

My husband found a few vintage holiday decorations, like an old Santa that lights up, similar to this one:

And we also found a talking baby Rudolph, with a nose that lights up and he says, “Mama” “Papa” and “Santa.”

My husband wanted to buy it for me, but trust me, we already have enough Rudolph in the house!

As the day came to an end, we were happy to come home and snuggle with our kitties.

That is what winter is all about, short days with a helluva lot of fun squeezed in!

Vintage Win!

Published July 11, 2012 by Maryanne

Vintage me! (Photo by Darlene Foster, 2010)

I’m a big fan of vintage clothing and love to shop in thrift stores choosing pieces to add to my personal style which is a mixture of vintage and modern.

So I was THRILLED that I won the book, “Style Me Vintage” by Naomi Thompson by participating in Vintage Living’s contest. (Check out Vintage Living here at Word Press:

The contest was to write about a vintage experience.

My story was that when I was a little girl, I had a Bugs Bunny doll that I loved and took everywhere. One day, in downtown Paterson on Market Street, in the 1960s, I was crossing the street with my beloved Grandmother.

I dropped my bunny in the busy street and my Grandmother stopped traffic in order to get my bunny for me.

Long gone are the 1960s and my bunny.

Or so I thought.

One day I was shopping in a vintage store in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, with my husband, and found the Bugs Bunny doll! It was old and worn and may have even been the same doll my Grandmother got me — you never know!

Of course my husband got me the bunny! Life is GOOD!

And, THANK YOU SO MUCH, VINTAGE LIVING, for the book! I will not only get some super ideas, but it will remind me of my late Grandmother every time I read it! What a blessing!