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The Sigma Female

Published December 8, 2021 by Maryanne
Maryanne Christiano Mistretta

I am a sigma female, the rarest form of female.

Honest and sharing, but also mysterious. There are things even the closest friends will NEVER know about me. I’ve been told by a few, “I can’t figure you out.” Sigmas are also independent leaders who prefer working alone, loyal (we make the best friends), emotional, and intimidating. We thrive on alone time and people can drain us.

Other female personality types include: alpha, delta, beta, and omega. What is yours? Google if you are unsure, lots of info out there)

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta can be reached at:

She is the author of the following books:

“Be (Extra)Ordinary: 10 Ways to Become Your Own Hero” is available on Amazon. To get your paperback or Kindle version, visit:Be (Extra)Ordinary

“I Don’t Want to Be Like You” is available on Amazon. To get your paperback, Kindle or audio copy, go here: I Don’t Want To Be Like You

Her fiction book “Love Cats” second printing is now available, under the pen name Krystianna Mercury, from Pink Flamingo. You can purchase it here: Love Cats