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Celebrate Small Business Saturday!

Published November 29, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_6393Me having fun before one of my lectures!

Happy Small Business Saturday!

I’m pleased to say I’ve had my business Pear Tree Enterprises ( since 2008. I’ve helped many people edit their books and help them get published and I’ve published my own book too earlier this year. I also present many lectures in libraries and assisted living facilities and other odd jobs. Occasionally I enjoy working as an extra too.

Contact me for: book editing, proofreading, public speaking events, extra roles, typing, etc.

Support a small business today!

Business Media

Published March 15, 2013 by Maryanne

social media

Hello all!

Okay, here’s the scoop … in the past I never liked Face Book, Twitter or Linked-In. I used them for three years and honestly, I deleted them because I get the most work via my personal website/newsletter:

In fact, 100 percent of my “repeat” clients are through my website, so I have been getting by without the use of Face Book, Twitter or Linked-In.

But seems as I’ll be doing more promotional work with clients, it’s important that I have a presence on these social networks.

So, if anyone wants to connect via these social media links for business reasons, please do so. (Note: I’m using these links for business, not social so in reality they should be called “business media” — not “social media” — but whatever!).

Face Book:


And find me on Linked-In: Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Let’s all help each other build!

My skills: writing, editing, ghost writing, typing, proofreading, marketing/sales, personal assistance.

And if anyone needs a 40+ model, I’m available. Check out the cool photos I did with photographer Darlene Foster on my Pinterest page!



World’s Best Boss: YOU!

Published March 13, 2013 by Maryanne

World's Best BossThe other day my blog focused on having your own home-based business and how much fun it could be.

Today I want to share that I’ve been accepted to write a weekly business column at the Verona-Cedar Grove Patch online!

This column will come out once a week, probably early in the week, to give people a firsthand taste of what it’s like running your own home-based business.

Here is the first installment, enjoy!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like to suggest, drop me a line. I’ll also be interviewing other home-business owners, so if that’s you, let me know and we’ll set something up! (Mind you, this is NOT to promote anyone’s business, or my own, just to inspire people!)


Pear Tree Enterprises: Back in Business a Week After Hurricane!

Published November 5, 2012 by Maryanne

My company logo designed by Anthony Rizzo of Haberdash Design

After going an entire week without work, my home-based small business, Pear Tree Enterprises ( is up and running! So my Monday is filled with promoting and writing — yay!

In regard to promotions, my jazz singer client, Carol Erickson ( gave me the “OK” to work for her today and I scored her a gig out in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (which seems to be up and running in some sections but not others, just like New Jersey).

Then my other music client, Jim Cuthbert ( came back on board after a little hiatus. I’ll be making his calls shortly.

Paterson Press gave me a writing assignment, interviewing another author, which always makes me happy. That will wind up my day nicely. And the local health food store needs me to help out later this week.

I am still waiting to hear from three other major clients (ghost writing, marketing and personal assistance) but that said, the little bit that rolled in is a godsend!

In other news, I’m so happy to be able to get to Shop Rites that have organic produce and the local health food store for my kombucha. The gas lines are still long, but I figured out that I have another blessing — an “even” numbered plate. Why is this a blessing? Because vanity license plates without numbers will be considered “odd” making the odds (no pun intended) of the lines longer on odd days! So just a little triumphant thing to be joyful about.

Regardless, I’m all prepared, mentally, to spend the entire day tomorrow on lines — gas lines and voting lines! It will be a day off from business, but a day well spent, nonetheless!

For Home-Based Business Owners, This IS the Calm Before the Storm!

Published October 29, 2012 by Maryanne


Since September, 2008, I’ve been running my home based business, Pear Tree Enterprises (

And the past few months have been absolutely awesome as far as business goes. Plus, I got to squeeze in quite a few amazing three day weekends, plenty of fun and even a business trip; as well as being on the road a lot regarding promotions/marketing events as well as reporting for Paterson Press.

So my life has been the most wonderful balance of business and pleasure, although a bit on the frantic side because I’ve been bombarded with work — old clients coming out of the woodwork, new ones offering me a ton of hours, all the traveling on the road and an assortment of one-time deal side projects.

Over the past few months I finished projects, I was able to take life at a little bit — but not much — slower pace.

Then enter Storm Sandy and while I’m caught up on the writing end of things, I can’t do any¬† promotional work because of the obvious — businesses are closed today.

Once things get back to “normal” — whenever that may be, but I’m assuming Wednesday or Thursday — it will be the toughest call for me as to which clients to satisfy first and which ones to put on hold until it all pulls together again.

I am so blessed that I enjoy all my work, as eclectic as it may seem (jack of all trades, master of some) and all the people I do business with. Of course the writing projects pay the most, but they can be done anytime like weekends or evenings. This means whoever gives me writing/editing/proofreading jobs will always have their needs met.

As for promotions/marketing and personal assistance, it’s a different story, as this type of work has to be done during “business hours.” I don’t like disappointing clients and I don’t like clients to feel like they are on a “back-burner.” So while I’m enjoying the down time so much, my head is also spinning in regard to “how will I make everyone happy this week?”

Though I am blessed to have very understanding clients who probably wouldn’t say anything even if they did feel slighted, it’s me I’m worried about — the perfectionist who has to get it all done. And how do I do all that when Mother Nature slashed my time almost in half this week? I know there is a lesson in this and I look forward to some major growth for me in the next few days while I figure it all out. As a wise man once said, “The work will always be there.”

Is there anyone else reading who runs their own home-based business? How are you handling the storm? Do you fear the work overload when things return to normal?