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Happy Ground Hog Day!

Published February 2, 2022 by Maryanne
Doot, doot, doot, looking out my back door! (Photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta)

Happy Ground Hog Day!

I love these little critters. My husband and I love when they appear in our backyard each spring, especially the years they have babies. The babies are so cute, experiencing life for the first time. The wonderment. I’ve watched them for a very long time, seeing them do incredible things like trying to climb a fence. One time I had my bike outside and a baby was pushing the pedal. Another time I saw a baby chasing a butterfly.

Today the purpose of a ground hog is to determine whether we’ll have an early spring or another six weeks of winter. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. Winter and Spring are equal in my eyes. But how about another cute little animal who would predict if we get another six weeks of Autumn? Maybe a fox? If a fox sees his shadow, it’s another six weeks of pumpkins, colorful leaves, and light jackets. The most beautiful, yet shortest, season can use a longer run. Enjoy your extended winter, or early spring. I’m looking forward to Autumn 2022!

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Loving the Lock Down!

Published March 23, 2020 by Maryanne

DSCF4759Outside, at least six feet away from the rest of the world

My husband and I are very social people. We don’t let any grass grow under our feet. We’re the types who are always going to parties, getaways, restaurants, and concerts; and double dates with other couples.

But on the other hand, we can be homebodies too. Some of our best memories include being stranded at home during Hurricane Sandy, snowstorms, very cold weather, and when one of us is sick.

So staying home like good citizens during the Corona Virus pandemic is not a bad thing for us. We’re enjoying the down time tremendously and the days are going faster than we’ve imagined.

And why shouldn’t we be enjoying ourselves? If this pandemic taught us anything, it’s that our precious lives can end with the blink of an eye. We’ve lived each day to the fullest before, so why not now?

We’ve fallen into this great groove where we’ll spend a little time outdoors on nice days (six feet away from others). I’ll pick up groceries once a week at my favorite natural market; and he’ll get the extras during the week.

As a public speaker who has lost all my recent gigs, I’m keeping up my speaking chops by creating You Tube videos every day. They are all Corona Virus themed and are meant to inspire others. Or accidentally be funny. For example, today I made a video to honor National Puppy Day, and spoke about how pets can soothing to us at such a crazy time. However, unbeknownst to me, my cats photo bombed, with the one sniffing the butt of the other! It was so funny, how could I not share?! Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onipyTq0q1g&t=2s

It’s nice to wake up in the morning with my husband and not have to be on a schedule. I like to write in my journal, give myself a facial, and then have our coffee together indulging in great conversation before I work out.

In between our creative projects and preparing meals, we’ll watch a little TV, listen to music, laugh, dance, sing, call our friends/family, and play with our kitties. Before retiring for the night I like to do a little reading.

We do stuff together, as well as give ourselves space. I’m very blessed to have married someone I could call my best friend. And someone I enjoy being locked down with.

This is a scary, and stressful time since we don’t know what’s going to happen next. And it’s great to have someone by your side, so get through it with.

Of course I’m looking forward to getting back to “normal” but in the meantime, this ain’t so bad.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta can be reached at: maryannechristiano@gmail.com.

She is available for blogging, ghost writing, writing. She is also available for book signings and motivational speaking engagements. She is the author of the following books :

“Be (Extra)Ordinary: 10 Ways to Become Your Own Hero” is available on Amazon. To get your paperback or Kindle version, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Be-Extra-Ordinary-Ways-Become/dp/1733546227

“I Don’t Want to Be Like You” is available on Amazon. To get your paperback, Kindle or audio copy, go here: https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Want-Be-Like-You/dp/1726273261

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Back After Easter!

Published April 6, 2015 by Maryanne


Don’t you just love how the holidays slow everything down? Even as a self-employed person who loves what she does, it’s great to have three days to just relax and do what I want. I actually decided to extend the weekend a little bit more and hold off working until maybe noon, making calls to promote my lecture series. And tonight I’ll be meeting with an Elvis impersonator who might be part of my “Learn and Listen” series.

Anyway, the meaning of Easter is extremely important to me, so I attend service on both Good Friday and on Easter Sunday. It’s a time to reflect on rebirth, faith and miracles. I actually see them every day!

I was happy to spend some time this weekend with friends and family. It’s also been tradition that most Easter Sundays my husband and I enjoy dining at Park & Orchard: http://www.parkandorchard.com/

Then you have all the cool Bible movies to watch. One of my favorites is Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments.” Now, there is the one from the 1930s, but I love the one with Charlton Heston. It’s just so epic — the costumes, the special effects, the dramatics and all the stars — back in the day when Hollywood was mysterious!

Today we’re having another gorgeous spring day in New Jersey and I’m always happy to stop in The Squirrel and The Bee (http://www.squirrelandthebee.com/) — a grainless, gluten free, dairy free bake shop. In one of my lectures, “Lose Weight with Paleo” I spread the good word about this awesome place! My next lecture on paleo will be at the Washington Township Library in Long Valley on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. For more information on my lectures available for libraries, senior groups, rotary clubs, etc., visit my site: www.peartreeenterprises.com

And on a final note, while many people stick to their own beliefs and that’s that, I embrace hearing about other religions. Two young Jehovah Witnesses just knocked on my door. Instead of ignoring, I always talk to them and take the literature. I share that I read the Bible too. Over the years I always enjoyed reading the Watchtower magazine they give out for free. Free and positive — you can’t beat that!

This particular issue of Watchtower has an article about using digital technology wisely. Several weeks ago I got rid of my Face Book account. One of the reasons was I felt it wasn’t helping me grow spiritually. I was getting angry about things people complained about — and all I had to read in order to keep up with everyone I friended. I learned the hard way that unfriending people is insulting to them. So for me, it was best to just deactivate my account, as it was a lot less pressure for me. Since then I’ve connected with people more in “real time” emails, lunch dates, phone calls. This is what mattered more to me, that one on one connection. My husband said since I left Face Book I’ve been a lot more creative. And blog followers may notice I’m blogging more.

So life is just so amazing and no longer at a standstill because of extreme cold weather. It feels to good to work in my home office barefoot, without socks and slippers!

Easter Eggs

Published April 1, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_6992Our first batch of brilliant colour!

Spring is a significant time to dye eggs, as eggs represent all spring has to offer: new life, fertility and rebirth. It’s no wonder that many businesses have their busiest time during spring, as people come alive again, wanting to start new projects.

While we don’t do it every single year, it’s always a great time dying eggs with my husband around Easter time. It truly sets the mood for what’s ahead: more business, more socializing, more time spent outdoors. Spring is a great time of year — a great time to be alive! Happy Spring to ALL!

SAM_6994The egg on the left is for a client who loves Easter (and holidays in general)

Currently I’m helping a senior couple write their memoirs — a love story. A young couple were together when the guy went off to fight in the Korean War. During his time in service, he wrote her over 200 love letters. And while he was on furlough they got engaged.

It’s thrilling visiting these wonderful people each week and helping them get their book written; especially now as I get to work in their lovely home, which is decorated beautifully for Easter with chicks and bunnies everywhere!

Perhaps this can inspire you! Do you need help writing your memoir? I’m fast and dependable. Contact me at: maryannechristiano@gmail.com for rates and availability.

Spring Celebrating!

Published March 22, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_3786Yay, spring! Bring out the short sleeves!

It was in the 60s today in New Jersey! Spring is my second favorite season, after Autumn and we really deserve some good weather. I normally don’t mind winter, but this year it was way too long and too cold.

I went to lunch with my great friends Nick and Vinnie. We favor “It’s Greek to Me” where the service is excellent (they let you hang long after you’ve finished your dishes) and the food is very fresh!

Afterwards I went shopping for some sunglasses. I found three pair I loved!

SAM_3788Me, Nick and Vinnie

Love Those Twilight Walks

Published May 23, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_0891Dennis took this one!

On hot summer days, one looks forward to evening when it cools down and becomes more refreshing.

I love, last night, going for a super long walk in the woods with my husband, starting out at the end of the day, while the sun is still out and wearing sunglasses. Then it starts to cool, the sun goes down and there we have it — twilight!

In addition to seeing deer and birds and other little critters, we caught the almost-full moon in all her glory!

Mid-Week Happiness!

Published May 15, 2013 by Maryanne

 wedding pictureWith my husband, who makes me happiest!

I just had an annoying phone conversation with a self-centered relative and have now made a vow to distance myself from that person because it’s always all about him. This person will go out of his way to aggravate in order to be right — even if he can’t provide an answer as to why he thinks he’s right, when I gave him the opportunity THREE TIMES to explain himself.

I can’t let this relative continue to hurt me — especially since he’s doing it on purpose without an ounce of remorse. (The term for people like this, I believe, is “shit stirrer.”) This is not good for my health, so the decision to avoid is a good one. Some people you can’t even confront or talk. I tried and he didn’t care enough to make an effort when I called him on his crap. Enough is enough. I am not a human punching bag.

So turning that frown upside down …

What I’ve learned, from my husband actually, is to focus on what you have in life, not what you don’t have. And what I don’t get from relatives, I get from friends, from church, from my work and of course from my husband and his family.

So this post I am writing is to show two things: 1. Even though I love my life, it’s not always perfect. Mainly because I never had the perfect family. 2. That no matter what bad things happen to me, I love to focus on the positive.

In just one day, today, many wonderful things happened. But the happiest thing of all is that my editor for Skinny News (the health magazine) praised my writing to high heavens and said what a pleasure it was working with me (over the phone, we never met in person).

I think my work for the week at Skinny News is complete. I have one more article to write for another publication this week and can definitely squeeze in time for mid-week church service and bible study on Friday — yay!

The second happy thing was that for the past week I thought I was having allergy problems again. Yesterday I suffered so much with burning eyes and eye pain — and my vision was blurry in one eye (SCARY!). Then I made the connection, I switched from one mascara to another last week and that was probably the culprit. So today I went back to the original one (Zuzu Luxe masacra  rules — it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t test on animals!) and my eyes feel great and my vision is back to normal.

The third thing is that my husband is home today. As soon as I finish up I’m making homemade hummus and we’ll go for a walk on this gorgeous day.

The fourth thing is that I have an event very early tomorrow morning, interviewing students for another article. I love the fact that I’ll be getting up extra early and just having time to exercise and eat. I haven’t woke up without checking emails first in ages — so it will be nice to not face the computer until much later in the morning, maybe even noon!

And I shall stop now because my handsome husband just came in my office and smothered me with kisses.

Off to la-la-land I go!

Have a beautiful night, fellow bloggers. Know that some of you make me very happy too! xo

What Spring Does to Christmas Art!

Published April 10, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_0493Artwork by Shaolin

Every year my friend Shaolin sends the most gorgeous hand drawn Christmas cards. My husband eagerly awaits her card, as they are just so gorgeous. All the time and effort put into her creations is much appreciated by us.

The other day as the sun was setting, my husband called me into the kitchen and said, “Get your camera!” I thought maybe one of the cats was doing something cute. But, wow, the way the sun set was shining on Shaolin’s drawing, which we keep pinned up on our refrigerator, was a most gorgeous site!

Too cool not to share with fellow bloggers!

Spring Has Sprung in New Jersey!

Published April 9, 2013 by Maryanne

maryanne 2010 by bill cromm, durian tatMe, 2010, embracing my favorite time of year

Spring officially starts March 21, but in New Jersey it started on Sunday.


We had such a long winter that started with that horrible hurricane in October. After five long months, I was so tired of washing extra clothes like a ton of socks. Luckily there was only about 10 days of extreme cold when I had to wear two pairs of socks.

Sunday was so gorgeous outside, my husband and I took a ride out to Sommerville, where we love to antique shop. I found a beautiful vintage skirt and blouse, perfect for church. And my husband found a 1970s lamp. I was like, “Yes, buy it, buy it!”

Mondays are always the day that I concentrate on getting gigs for the musicians I manage. The day was half/half, I booked some, not others. And then went for a beautiful bike ride. They are still fixing up our park, as it was destroyed by the hurricane, so it’s not as pretty as it once was, but I pay no mind and instead look at cute dogs. It feels so good to bike ride again.

Then I made vegan sandwiches (rice cheese, avocado, sprouts, sprouted bread) and peppermint ice tea for my husband and I and we ate dinner outside. I also took my smaller cat, Derick outside a bit. He loves for me to hold him like a baby as he looks all around. It’s just adorable.

Today business means I’m working on writing three articles (two for Westfield Alternative Press and one for Paterson Press), managing another entertainer and an author. Then after that I can concentrate on an article I’m writing for the church bulletin. And finally another bike ride because it looks like it will be nice again. But first some early morning exercise, breakfast and food shopping. Busy day!

We have two concerts this week. Tomorrow night we are going to see “One Night of Queen”

One Night of Queen

And Friday night we’re going to see Mike Nesmith from The Monkees

Mike Nesmith

And before you know it, there will be many days and nights filled with car shows and outdoor concerts. Spring is here, bring it on!

I am so happy!