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Luck of the Irish Presentation

Published March 15, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_3745Me with blown up vintage Irish postcard

Today I gave another “Luck of the Irish” lecture at the Mountainside Library, in Mountainside, New Jersey (

I had such a wonderful time. It was a decent turn out. My brother-in-law Joe came along with Eileen and my friend Mary Anne showed up unexpectedly.

I write my lectures so that audience members can share their experiences and guess answers to questions (and I give away free shamrocks to everyone in attendance).

Here is a summary for the lecture (I am available to lecture at assisted living facilities, schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. Just drop an email at:

Luck of the Irish – Summary

Everyone has some form of tradition that is passed through generations of families. Explore the traditions of Ireland, including those that are now obscure on the island.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta, an award-winning writer, will explore Irish topics such as the Irish wake, Irish wedding traditions, Ireland’s main crop – the potato — and of course, St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish folklore is also included in the discussion such as leprechauns, the pot of gold and where the term “Luck of the Irish” came from!

Whether you are Irish or not, you will enjoy this fun, informative – and inter-active lecture.

Visit my website, Pear Tree Enterprises for other available lectures: