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My Struggles with ADHD Symptoms

Published February 8, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_0289From my own personal collection, Dr. Edward Hallowell and myself.

Last night I had an assignment from Alternative Press to cover a lecture Dr. Edward Hallowell gave at a local church. Here is the article I wrote:

Dr. Hallowell is a psychologist and NY Times bestselling author who has been on popular televisions shows such as Oprah and Dr. Oz.

In his lecture, Dr. Hallowell shed light on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which was a real eye-opener for me, personally, because after hearing his lecture I suspected I may have ADHD, as I had so many of the symptoms of the condition, especially growing up and in school. Each and every moment of his lecture I was like, “That’s me, that’s me, that’s me.”

And I am still struggling now as I am not consistent with many of the things I do in my life, unless I make that “connection” Hallowell speaks of in my article. So I took an online psychology test and it illustrated that I have moderate ADHD.

Moving forward, as Dr. Hallowell suggests, I continue my life with non-medication treatment, as living a holistic lifestyle has helped me more than any prescription drug, as I also struggled with depression throughout my 30s. And still struggle with dyslexia.

So, yeah, great, now I have dyslexia AND ADHD!

But I think once a person can put a name to something they have been struggling with, it’s like finding that final piece to the puzzle.

I will continue to investigate on my own, as I’ve yet to find a therapist I really connect with. And it’s just so time-consuming and frustrating and eats up so much of your hard earned cash!

“Connect” is that key word and I am so blessed, in a world where people don’t take the time to connect with others, to have found many people in both work and love that I do connect with.

And I thank them for changing my life and helping me with my struggles that I never knew where they came from.

It’s so frustrating going through life thinking you are “stupid” and feel embarrassed about things that aren’t your fault, no matter how much you accomplished in life and no matter how much famous and successful and talented and special, loving people tell you how great your work is!

And right now I have to be honest and say I am so pissed off and heartbroken by so many people who never gave me a chance and/or gave up on me too soon, whether it be career or friendships.

But knowing this will only make me a stronger and better person.

As always.