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Oreos are Not Vegan

Published October 9, 2021 by Maryanne
Photo by Doruk Yemenici

Sugar, cane sugar, and brown sugar are not vegan. They are processed via a bone char filter, just like many alcoholic beverages. I share this because many so-called vegans shame others who eat meat, yet continue to drink alcoholic beverages without doing their homework. This is why veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. You have to research, research, research. Oreos are said to be vegan. They are not because they have sugar. Always question vegan bakeries and vegan food. I used to not want to be “that person” but in my spiritual growth, I will be “that person” for the animals.

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Published August 13, 2015 by Maryanne


Ninety five percent of yogurts sold in Whole Foods have SUGAR. Ninety-nine percent of their packaged goods contain sugar. Do not be fooled by their term “organic sugar.” Would a diabetic consumer organic sugar? Your body doesn’t know the difference between sugar and organic sugar. What next, Local Sugar?

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