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Perfect Thyroid Health on Vegan Lifestyle

Published October 25, 2021 by Maryanne
Photo by Christopher Carson (from Unsplash)

Perfect thyroid health thanks to vegan lifestyle.

My thyroid was off earlier this past summer. I heard about others fixing their thyroid with a vegan lifestyle, and figured it can’t hurt. (But of course I was doing this for the animals, which I wrote about in previous blogs).

Just a few months of being vegan, my thyroid is excellent again!! Along with all my other bloodwork! Perfect sugar handling, perfect iron, perfect cholesterol, perfect D, etc.

I always share my age for reference to others — 58.

Fish and rennetless cheese were the last things I gave up. I haven’t had pork, veal, lamb, or conventional meat since 1986. Five years ago I started eating grass-fed beef, but quickly gave that up. Don’t remember when I last had chicken or turkey. Maybe 2017? Note, I’m also taking natural vegan supplements. You have to give yourself extra loving care with a vegan lifestyle, otherwise you’ll have deficiencies. I highly recommend hiring a health coach, like I did.

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