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Nyack Main Essentials: Carribbean Vegan Restaurant

Published August 18, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2027Collard greens, steamed vegetables and seitan barbecue

Yesterday my husband and I had a wonderful day in Nyack, New York, one of my favorite places.

We started out at Nyack Main Essentials Vegetarian: 

We’ve eaten here before and the food is amazing. So is the service.

I had the above dish, with an apple/parsley juice.

My husband had a seitan curry dish and a veggie faux meat sandwich.

SAM_2028Curried seitan with rich and vegetables

Afterwards we walked around the town to all the little boutiques and antique shops. I got a ton of stuff! Two pairs of jeans, a dress, a blouse and shoes! (Thanks to Weight Watchers I now fit into a size 4 jean again! Yay!)

It’s such a cool, bohemian, friendly town.

I was happy to see that the Back to Earth health food store is still there. The first time I was in Nyack was in the late 1980s and it was so cool to see the “little guy” still in business. I got a kombucha there and they had some free samples of raw protein.

Excellent day in New Jersey. The weather has been perfect!

Loving Hut (Vegan Restaurant), Matawan, New Jersey

Published June 29, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_1364Lentil, chick pea, mushroom soup

SAM_1365Mango bubble tea with almond milk

SAM_1368Vegan stir fry with faux “shrimp” and brown rice

Dessert was a vegan coconut cake…

But it disappeared before I could get a shot — yum!

SAM_1372Darlene and Maryanne, happy about our happy meal

For more information on Loving Hut: