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Bloganuary – Day 12 – SPOILED! … Or Not?

Published January 12, 2023 by Maryanne

Me, at CAKE, NYC, mid-1990s

Today’s Bloganuary prompt asks “What Chore Do You Find Most Challenging?”

When I hear “chore” I think about house cleaning. I suppose a chore could be anything, but let’s talk about house cleaning. I’m slightly ashamed to admit, I am spoiled. I was raised by my grandmother and she did everything for me. When I moved out on my own, the first thing I learned to do was wash clothes, because I felt clean clothes were important. However, there were many chores I actually liked — washing dishes, sorting things out (like paperwork, magazines, clothing, etc.) and putting things away.

I also love food shopping. Making the bed. And doing laundry. In fact, the chore that scared me the most is the one I embrace. Ten years ago I wrote a blog, “The Laundry Journals” (https://maryannemistretta.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/the-laundry-journals/) which explains why I love doing the laundry (reasons you may not even consider!)

And, believe it or not, I don’t mind cleaning toilets!! Maybe I’m not so spoiled after all?

What I don’t like is cleaning floors. In fact, when I lived by myself, I hired help to do that. So, maybe I am spoiled?

I also hate vacuuming. My husband does that. Yeah, I’m spoiled.

But I LOVE cooking and serving. Again, maybe I’m not so spoiled after all?

And worse of all, home repairs! Even though hire someone to do it, you have these strange people coming in your home, sometimes saying dumb, annoying things (thinking they are funny), and having the house in an upset until everything is finished. If dealing with all that isn’t a “chore” I don’t know what is?

The point of this blog is, there will always be things we don’t love to do, and if we don’t love doing them, we shouldn’t have to. When I think of the chores I love or don’t mind, I believe it’s because of HOW I do them. I’ll listen to music, I’ll be in my head letting my imagination run wild, or I’ll be thinking of a health benefit to doing a particular chore.

Chores are like art. You will go through a period where it’s just downright ugly. But once it’s finished, you can look back at your masterpiece. Fresh, crisp laundry. A sparkling floor. A toilet so clean it looks brand new!

If you think of chores as art, you may feel like you are spoiled too! Embrace each day, each moment can be so much fun!

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