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Met My First WordPress Friend in Person!

Published July 19, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_5327Two bloggers! (Me and Joanne!)

I met so many amazing people via WordPress, but the one I most wanted to meet was Joanne Best! We are both Jersey girls, we love the same music, saw the same bands, went to the same nightclubs, are in the same age bracket, are both writers and we both have great personalities! We even look like sisters!

I don’t remember if she first found my blog or I first found hers, but we had a great connection from day one. In fact, it was thanks to her that I pushed to get my book out a little faster than I anticipated when Joanne wrote on her, “I need this book!”

Joanne was also the first person to post my first interview on her blog!

Interesting, I was in her area twice this week … Tuesday evening when I went to a concert and today when I did a book reading at Old Bridge Library. I was ecstatic to see Joanne walk through the door! When people tell me they’re going to show up, I never take it for granted that they will. Plus, I knew she had somewhere else to go. So you can imagine how happy I was to see her! And she gives the BEST hugs!!

I love you Joanne! I can’t wait to get together again when we can hang out longer!

And thanks to WordPress for bringing like-minds together 🙂

Another friend who came to my book signing today, was John, a friend I met on Live Journal around 2002! He used to come see me DJ in NYC all the time. Once in awhile we run into each other (like at the Gary Numan concert last year) or meet for lunch.

SAM_5323Me and John

Happy Internet Day!

Published October 29, 2012 by Maryanne



Happy Internet Day!

Well, I guess it will be Internet Day on the east coast until we start having power outages and our batteries die!

Although the internet can be traced back to 1958, I wasn’t familiar with the internet until the mid-1990s when I cat sat for a couple who lived in Tudor City for a month.

Even though I was living in fabulous NYC for a month and had the world at my fingertips, I was more fascinated by the fact that I had internet computer use for a month! I went through cards that people had given me at parties and started emailing everyone I ever met.

Not long afterwards, I ended up with my own home computer and was thrilled to surf the web, which was so new and exciting and interesting, a new way to make friends.

Prior to the internet, the best way to make friends across the country or in another country was via “pen pals.” I had my first pen pal match in high school. A music magazine matched me up with another girl who was into new wave.

But wow, the internet was so much easier. You didn’t need stationary, you didn’t need a stamp and you didn’t even need neat handwriting! Sadly, though, as easy as it was to make friends, it was to make enemies because people feel so safe hiding behind their computers it didn’t take much for someone to trash insults.

First there was “chat rooms.” I never liked them because back in the early days, I always had a low speed modem so I didn’t get much out of it. Plus, it was kinda “cold.”

Then came the message boards. I LOVED the message boards and spent years being a part of an Andy Kaufman community. Most of the fans were younger than I was, yet I spoke to them on the telephone many times and one fan even sent me a ton of Andy Kaufman VHS video tapes of his performances on “Taxi” and “Saturday Night Live.”

I’m still hoping to reconnect with some of the Andy Kaufman fans someday!

Then came Live Journal (which I still use, but as a private journal). It was amazing because you can interact with people about your life and read about theirs. Since the 1980s I felt everyone had a story to tell and thought it would be cool to have secret access to someone’s diary. I met some amazing people via Live Journal that I am still friends with and see in real life to this day!

I don’t know how I missed the whole MySpace thing. Maybe life just got in the way, which is a good thing because life is always better than the internet.

Around 2009 I created my own website for my business, Pear Tree Enterprises (www.peartreeenterprises.com). Every month I send out my newsletter/website and without fail, it brings me business. I love it and am so grateful to my webmaster who always keeps it in check, as well as my husband who takes most of my monthly photos.

With Face Book, I reconnected with some old friends but didn’t really dig the drama and the fact that it was nearly impossible to follow 200+ people. I deleted my account and figured I’d be in touch with those I was meant to be in touch with.

Twitter, I tried to use as a business network, but it turned out to be more fun and inspirational. I love Twitter, especially following politics and the celebrities who know how to treat their fans!

But I have to say, I love WORD PRESS the best! It’s intelligent, with minimal drama and it’s the best venue for expressing myself without feeling obligated to read anything.

So that said, Happy Internet Day to everyone on Word Press!