Happy Munster Day!

Published May 13, 2012 by Maryanne

Maryanne w/Butch Patrick “Eddie Munster”

Maryanne with Candy Clark

Maryanne and original BATMOBILE!

Car show season has arrived!

Kicking off the season is an event my husband and I love to attend each year called, “Dead Man’s Curve.” There are hundreds of hot rods and historic cars, vendors, bands and celebrities from yesteryear.

This year we got to meet Butch Patrick from “The Munsters.” He was super cool. I actually meet him years ago in a bar. He approached me and said, “Hi, I’m Butch.” I just said, “Hi,” smiled and didn’t say much because I am shy. When I’m not in journalist mode, interviewing someone famous, it’s so much easier when my husband is around because he’s great with people.

While my husband took our picture, Butch said, “So, Maryanne, you finally escaped from Gilligan’s Island.”

I said, “Actually, I’m a Ginger wannabe!”

How true! How true! (My favorite episode of “Gilligan’s Island” was when Maryanne got amnesia and thought she was Ginger and sang, “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”)

We met Candy Clark too. She’s best known from “American Graffiti” and I must say, she’s still a fox! Very nice lady and funny as hell. We overheard her telling another fan that she spent some time in Montclair (my former hometown) and she loved shopping for antiques there. VERY COOL!

We got to see the Batmobile (for the second time! And this time I got to go inside!)

There were some great bands too: The Tarantinos, a surf garage band from NYC that did all songs from Tarantino’s movies. And Rockabilly Express played, which featured Brian Setzer’s (from Stray Cats) brother, Gary Setzer. A friend of theirs came up front and did some crazy hula hoop moves.

Finally, we got to check out vendors. I scored an old issue of “Planet of the Apes” magazine and “Dynamite” (an ultra cool publication for teens in the ’70s published in NYC).

Ahh, what a happy day and a great start to car show season! And I just started my tan!

33 comments on “Happy Munster Day!

  • That had to be a blast to meet Butch Patrick and Candy Clark the same day. I guess Butch was typecast, but would have to check imdb.com to see what roles he played after Munsters.

    I can still remember Candy Clark from American Graffiti. That movie was always special to me since the posters for it said “Where were you in 62?” It just happened to be the year I graduated from high school, so I really identified with the movie. My new profile photo was taken at my 50th high school reunion two weekends ago.

    • Yeah, “American Graffiti” seemed so authentic, as opposed to “Grease” (which was a great movie, but it didn’t give you that feeling that you were in another time zone). You are blessed to have lived during such a super cool era! Congratulations on your 50th high school reunion! (You should blog about it!)

      • Have thought about blogging about the reunion, but then I am worried it might make some classmates upset if I mention names, but am still mulling over the idea of writing it without names.

        Loved the scene with Wolfman Jack in American Graffitti. One of the best soundtracks ever.

      • I looked at Candy Clark’s page at imdb.com and her role on Criminal Minds as JJ’s mom was her first role on TV or in movies since 2009.

        She was married to Jeff Wald, executive producer of the Gong Show for just one year and then later married Marjoe Gortner for one year.

        Candy played the character David Bowie was playing for one scene:

        She played Thomas Jerome Newton (David Bowie’s character) in one scene in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), with a hat strategically pulled over her face on a day when Bowie was too ill to perform.

      • Oh wow, that is crazy that she played David Bowie! I saw that movie too, but it was a very long time ago. Now here’s something weird — I was going to tell Candy Clarke she looked like Cyrinda Foxe (who performed in David Bowie’s “Jean Genie” video), but I didn’t think she’d know who that was — but now knowing this, she definitely would know — plus the fact that Cyrinda dated Bowie briefly!

      • That is amazing that you found even more of a Candy Clark connection with David Bowie. I don’t see how they got away with using her as David Bowie’s character if only for one scene. It wouldn’t take much for movie viewers to know she wasn’t David Bowie even with the hat strategically placed.

      • I’d have to see the movie again to figure it out. Are you familiar with The New York Dolls? One of their guitarists was a big junkie (Johnny Thunders) and for one of the photo shoots of their albums, he was too strung out for the shoot and they used another guy who kinda looks like him. And I never knew until someone pointed it out to me, and I’m like, “You’re right, it isn’t Johnny!”

      • You got me on New York Dolls….have never heard of that band. I am mostly into 40’s music, classic country music and blues and southern gospel music, which I sing at church from time to time.

      • Ahhh, well the New York Dolls were influenced by the blues! But you probably wouldn’t like them … or maybe you would. You can find plenty of songs on You Tube. Their lead singer, David Johansen became the most famous. He was most known for his alter ego, Buster Poindexter. (I’m sure you heard of him, he had a hit, “Hot, Hot, Hot.”) And even later on, David Johansen had a band called The Harry Smiths and they did all old blues. Really good stuff! (P.S. – I liked 1940s too, I listen to the ’40s station on Sirius a lot — and I love classic country, especially from the 1970s, all the really sad, heart-breaking songs).

  • It is exciting to see celebrities up close like when I saw John Schneider throw up in person at a Dukes of Hazzard festival. He had been inside signing autographs, when he suddenly came outside and threw up in some bushes. When he finished he said “That was embarrassing”.

    • Did he throw up from drinking or heat exhaustion or bad food? That’s a great story. Just goes to show, we’re all human! That reminds me of the time when I met Debbie Harry in a bar, by chance. She was performing that night. I was at a bar, and she was right nearby with her band mate (and former love) Chris Stein. He was very outgoing and talked a lot to me and my friend, hugged me and gave me a big wet Grandpa kinda kiss. But she was very shy. I smiled at her and she gave me a half smile, then said, “I had too much wine with dinner!” It was such an honest moment!

      • John Schneider may have thrown up from any one or all three of the possible reasons you mentioned. It was extremely hot that day though. Debbie Harry was probably my favorite female singer of the 80’s, even though my favorite music was from the 40’s through the 70’s. That was very honest of of her to admit she drank too much.

        I saw Johnny Cash at a concert on our Army base in Hawaii in the 60’s. He was slurring his words when he sung, probably because he was on drugs at the time.

      • Oh wow, you got to see Johnny Cash!! LUCKY!!!! I wish I saw him before he died. He’s a legend. We have tickets for Glen Campbell in a few weeks, so that will be exciting. Who else did you see in the 1960s? I used to work with a man who saw Elvis — as a warm up act for Hank Snow!! He also saw Marilyn Monroe when he was in service.

      • We were watching a Monroe, Louisiana television station one night, when they said tickets were going on sale for an Elvis Presley concert. We were lucky enough to get seats on about the 20th row down on the floor. I will never forget the electricity that night when he took the stage. This was 1974 and he was still at its best and drugs hadn’t shown any affect on him physically. Elvis even indirectly got me a job in Monroe, which was about 100 miles from where we were living. We passed the newspaper on the way to the concert and decided to apply there, so wrote asking for an interview and we wound up living there for two years.

        We moved back to Alexandria, Louisiana two years later and we saw him one night in a two concert stand. He had once said he was never going back to Alexandria, when very few showed up to see him before he was well-known. Then about 22 years later he plays two concerts in Alexandria, a city of 50,000, which baffled me to think he would do two concerts in a city that small.

        Our seats were the worst possible seats in the place up at the top of the stadium, the seats couldn’t have been any further away. By now Elvis was very big and puffed up looking. This was in March of 1977. He started feeling ill during the concert and had one of the backup singers sing a song so he could rest. Then a day or two later he was set to do a concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but was so ill, that he was sent to a Memphis hospital and was dead less than five months later.

  • Saw the Beach Boys in Hawaii in 1963, but can’t recall any details of the show, but have been a life-long Beach Boys fan. Have their Live at Knebworth video from 1980 and remember Dennis Wilson giving Mike Love fits while Mike was trying to sing.

      • The Beach Boys had a lot of offstage stuff going on in their lives, like Mike Love being married five times and that was from a book I read several years ago. Dennis Wilson broke out of drug rehab places several times. Felt bad for Brian Wilson because his dad was so mean to him. Carl Wilson died of cancer in 1998. Glad they finally re-united after all these years. They had split into three different groups with Al Jardine having his own band, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston in another band and Carl Wilson had his own solo act going on.

      • Yeah, I know a lot about the Beach Boys. My husband is a big fan, so he tells me a lot about them. (Our home is in a constant state of music. He’s a musician and we’re always playing music — upstairs and downstairs. He’s five years older than me, so he covers all the classic rock stuff with his collection, then my collection takes off with punk and new wave and newer stuff. And we both love Jack White!)

      • Jack White produced an album for Loretta Lynn. Met her at a concert about 40 or 50 years ago and she was amazingly beautiful woman. She was touring with Ernest Tubb back then.

      • If I wrote a book it might sell almost as many copies as Javier Colon sold records after winning the voice. He had got fired from a record company before entering The Voice competition and last I heard he had sold 38,000 albums compared to Scotty McCreery who had sold over a million.

  • May have been just as well to not see Elvis up close at the concert shortly before his death. We would have seen close-up how far down drugs had taken him. And to think he talked President Nixon into letting him join the fight against drugs.

      • Have blogged a lot of this. Used to blog at blogger.com, but it was too technical for me working with HTML. Love blogging on WordPress. Have had over 348,000 hits at the Nostalgia and Now website in a 3 years and one month, while had very few readers at blogger.com.

        Elvis in my book is the best entertainer ever. Some singers don’t cover many songs of other singers, but Elvis covered a lot of great songs and sang them better than the original.

      • Yes, Elvis is amazing. My husband and I go to all the Elvis impersonator shows. Some are pretty off the hook amazing!

        My grandmother was a big Elvis fan. Before she died we had an Elvis impersonator come to the house to sing for her. She was so cute, she flirted with him. When he sang, “Are You Lonesome Tonite?” She said, “Not if you’re with me, baby!” She was a hoot. When she died, we buried her wearing her Elvis watch.

      • Thanks for sharing the story about your grandma and Elvis Presley impersonator. Some of the impersonators look more like Elvis than Elvis did. Can’t believe Elvis would be 77 if still alive.

    • Aww, thanks! You can probably You Tube the Tarantinos. They have a website and they are on Face Book too. As you know I’m not officially on Face Book, but I “liked” them for support.

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