My Story Featured in an Upcoming Queen Book

Published October 21, 2021 by Maryanne
The above will be featured in an upcoming book by Richard Houghton

I told the story so many times about reaching out to Jim Hutton–and that he wrote back to me. I’m excited to have this story in an upcoming book so the rest of the world can know what a great guy he was. I highly recommend “Mercury and Me” for a true perspective of the relationship between Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury. It’s poignant and at times hilarious.

After all these years, I still cherish the card. Now you can too, this is it! The kitten’s name was Minky.

Jim Hutton’s kitten, Minky, from a Christmas card he sent me in 1996.

3 comments on “My Story Featured in an Upcoming Queen Book

    • Thanks so much! Yes, Queen are awesome live, though I saw them in 1982 when they were past my favorite era. Nevertheless, I saw them in later years, once with Paul Rodgers and twice with Adam Lambert. The Adam Lambert shows were incredible because they did the old songs I loved, from Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, and News of The World. Brian May is an incredible guitarist – I cry when he hits the stage.

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