“Don’t Believe a Word” – Interview with Coyote Shivers

Published September 1, 2015 by Maryanne

Coyote Shivers Don't Believe a Word

Fans have waited a long time for something new from Coyote Shivers. Now the wait is over. His new single “Don’t Believe a Word” will be released Sept. 8, 2015 – the first day of Shivers’ nine-month jail sentence.

The single will appear Sept. 8 on https://coyoteshivers.bandcamp.com/track/dont-believe-a-word with the legal disclaimer: “All characters and events portrayed in this song are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If anyone has a guilty conscience and sees similarities to their own actions, well, that speaks for itself.”

It will also be available on iTunes and other online stores, but on the bandcamp link the funds go directly to the Legal Defense Fund working to free Coyote Shivers from jail, and also it allows people to pay “one dollar or more” so if they want to contribute more than the one dollar minimum they can.”

The following is an interview in which Coyote spoke to me about his case.

For people who don’t know what happened, tell us in a nutshell.

COYOTE: “Pauley Perrette’s own words give the best insight. I cut off all contact and filed for divorce from Pauley Perrette in 2004, and began dating another girl, Courtney Washburn. As Courtney testified at the trial, Pauley then broke into my residence in the middle of the night, yelling at Courtney calling her a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore,’ and threatening to ‘Star Crazy’ me if I divorced her. Pauley was confronted on the stand with her handwritten notes for ‘Star Crazy’ and was forced to admit to her own writing, which outlined how a female TV star could use her fame combined with restraining order abuse, to have an innocent man who rejected her, jailed and defamed. Pauley’s handwritten notes included the steps ‘Get Restraining Order’ and ‘Stalk Him.’ So I don’t need to comment on that further. I will let Pauley Perrette’s own words and subsequent actions speak for themselves.”

In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently? For instance, were there any red flags during your relationship with Pauley Perrette or did this incident totally blindside you?

COYOTE: “There were red flags for sure. Our first date was at Kinkos, because she was falsifying some restraining order paperwork and cat food receipts to use in court against her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Rivas, because she had stolen his pet cat. She freely admitted the cat was his before they even met, but somehow convinced me he was an ‘asshole’ and the cat would be better off with her. Clearly I should have known everything about this was wrong, but she is very good at playing on sympathy. Still, I should have known right then and there. When things started getting crazy in court with Pauley, Daniel Rivas sent me an email saying ‘History repeating itself, big time,’ and he was originally going to testify on my behalf, but when Pauley found out she suddenly decided to make up with him and got him a job on NCIS playing her brother. Yes for real. Suddenly, he won’t testify for me, even though I still have the email. And the court case between them is still on file in Los Angeles Superior Court.’

She also has a long history of falsely accusing ex-boyfriends and ex-lovers, and being overtly vindictive after a relationship is over. This is also on public record. She has even publicly falsely accused something like four or five ex-lovers of rape, although she subsequently admitted that was just to protect her own reputation.”

How is this ordeal affecting your career?

COYOTE: “It has consumed a lot of time and energy, for one thing. For another thing, as a condition of bail I was not allowed to speak truthfully about my life, which is part of what art is really about. Also, I will be writing a book in jail, which wouldn’t be happening if I wasn’t in jail, so although it has stifled some of my work, some art does come from it all. There is also of course, my single, DON’T BELIEVE A WORD, which will be released the day I enter jail, and is sort of an anthem dedicated to the falsely accused.”

It’s so obvious you are very much in love with your wife, Mayra. During your jail time how often will you see Mayra? How is she holding up?

 COYOTE: “This is absolutely the most cruel thing anybody can do to me, separate me from my wife. Jail itself is nothing, except boring. But tearing me from my wife is torture. But that is exactly what Pauley threatened she would do if I ever remarried. It’s kind of like a ‘if I can’t have you nobody can’ scenario.”

 How are you staying strong and positive?

COYOTE: “I’m not positive at all really. This is a terrible thing being inflicted on my family. I am just staying strong for my wife, and for our mutual belief that we are righteous and will prevail in the long run, that being, no matter what Pauley Perrette does to us, our hearts remain together, and sooner or later we will be reunited and live happily, and there is NOTHING Pauley can do to stop that.”

What advice would you give to men in similar situations?

COYOTE: “Immediately take it seriously and get attorneys on the case. My situation was so utterly ridiculous, and it was so plain for everyone to see what was going on, that I didn’t take it seriously enough. I also didn’t realize how easy it was to ‘Star Crazy’ somebody, because I didn’t know how easily the laws can be manipulated, but they are ripe for this kind of exploitation, one of the things I’m learning about the law now that it’s too late.”

Tell us about the book you’ll be writing while incarcerated.

COYOTE: “It will be the story of how I found myself in jail, how ‘Star Crazy’ was threatened and executed upon me. But I have a pretty odd sense of humor, so it won’t be some dark ‘woe is me’ tome. If I’m writing it you can count on it being pretty funny. Humor has always been a part of my writing and has always gotten me through life. Also, it will be a lot more positive than you might imagine. It may seem like a thriller. It’s being sold as a real life ‘Gone Girl’ based on celebrity events, but it is actually a love story with a happy ending. You have to remember that I met my beautiful wife six years ago, because she was a journalist writing for the largest newspaper in Brazil, and she was interviewing about my ongoing legal troubles with my ex Pauley Perrette. So the very thing Pauley was trying to prevent, she actually caused. That is the ultimate in poetic justice.”

When you get out of jail is your nightmare over? What is next for you?

COYOTE: That would be up to Pauley Perrette, but she has already made it clear to me as long as I am happy, she will continue in executing thethreats she made when I divorced her. She keeps talking about me, rather obsessively, on Twitter, over a decade since I divorced her, so I think that speaks for itself.”

In conclusion, is there anything you want to say to your fans and Mayra’s fans that supported you?

COYOTE: Yes, THANK YOU. It is just incredible and heartwarming the amount of love and support we have received. Those who made #FreeCoyoteShivers a worldwide trending topic; and especially those that have contributed to the Free Coyote Shivers Legal Defense Fund THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!

mayra-coyote-3Coyote Shivers and Mayra Dias Gomes

For more information Google “Coyote Shivers” and phrases like “star crazy” or “restraining order abuse.” Or visit following links:






Coyote - Free

“Free Coyote” t-shirts can be purchased via: http://www.freecoyoteshivers.com/


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