Running with the Winners

Published June 3, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_5993My Ed Hardy sneakers, not for running!

For several days I’ve been meaning to write a blog about exercise. What better day than National Running Day?! Here’s an article I wrote several years ago on the benefits of running:

Maybe some can be inspired by the article, though I must share I’m not a runner myself. I stopped doing high impact exercising in 2010 after interviewing Oleda Baker who said that jogging, running and jumping could hurt the joints. Read the full article here:

Whether you’re all for running or prefer other types of exercise, the thing is make sure you are exercising with passion and not disgust. If you’re working out and hating it the whole time, you won’t lose any weight. Why? Because stress turns to sugar.

It’s better to exercise when you’re happy about it. Not when you’re in the mind frame of “Oh, I gotta do this.” A clever suggestion is to break up a work-out into two mini work-outs instead of having one long one where you’re watching the clock. I’ve noticed that when I do this and also take breaks where I don’t exercise for a day or two (and do something else like meditating instead) that’s when my metabolism kicks in and I can eat a lot more and stay at my goal weight (and sometimes surprisingly be under my goal weight!)

Over the past weekend I ate a lot of stuff I normally don’t — chips, hummus, and a seafood dish with creamy lobster sauce and long grain rice. Yet the scale was my best friend — every day I was at my goal weight. I mentioned that to my husband and he reminded me, “Because you’re not stressed.”

As a side note, I eat about 80 percent paleo.

SAM_7122Fit over 50!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is an award-winning journalist, author and public speaker. She is available for the presentation “Paleo for Beginners” which includes a healthy dish.

And for seniors, “Here’s to Your Health and the Benefits of Walking.”

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2 comments on “Running with the Winners

  • Running is so great if you can and so is walking. Good sneakers and good legs are important. My husband is much older than I and usually walks 2-3 miles a day. When he 4, i flip out. That is too excessive for him. He will call me to report his progress & when he is too far away from home, I ask that he just stay put and I go pick him up. I have a bad knee cannot keep up with him. Nevertheless, I do like exercise. As bad as my knee is, I push myself to walk and exercise. No Handicap Plate for me !! Will elaborate on Handicap Plates at another time .. One of my pet peeves. In the meantime I will keep walking. After all, 60 is the new 40 !!

  • I only like running because of the addicting zombies, run! app on my phone XD i do abut 30 minutes of exercise every day, on my days off a bit more… paleo is great, i have friends eating paleo and stick to montignac myself (ok, not these days because of serious stomach issues but afterwards will hopefully be able to continue) definitely with you on the stress factor, that is the worst thing for weight, health and happiness.

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